Leading Sci-Fi Techno Label Korpus 9 Returns With a Fresh New Five Track V/A

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 18, 2019

Leading Sci-Fi Techno Label Korpus 9 Returns With a Fresh New Five Track V/A

Russian techno label Korpus 9 continue their all-out assault on 2019. The label is seriously not resting on their laurels, churning out a string of scintillated, no-nonsense techno that brings dancefloors to their knees. They’re riding high off massive releases from Robert S (TP) and Tom Hades and this EP is the follow up to the abrasive compilation Anabiosis: Injection A. It featured 4 of the most banging techno tracks to grace your ears from Nikola Gala, Re: Axis, Hanubis and Confluence. This time Anabiosis: Injection B consists of Dario Sorano, Hanubis, Soren Aalberg, David Temessi, and Joy Fagnani.

Dario Sorano begins the treatment. He is coming off the release of his Perspiration EP on Dirty Minds this year, which was an absolute weapon. His track ‘Just One Gate’ has deep bouncing percussions, coupled with steely hi-hats and crash cymbals that fling pace onto the cut. The beats are rolling when this complex Rubik’s Cube of a melody is bestowed down. It’s an arpeggio synth that cascades down until it cuts, before being reintroduced by two hand claps and just exerts a strange sense of joy amongst the darkness.

It is followed up by Hanubis who featured on Injection A and had a monster release, CONCEPT OF PRESTANCY via Monoton Audio, last year. ‘Frozen Mountain’ has a structured pounding beat that will get bodies booming and banging. It has an irregular synth which feels like star gazing but has orchestral elements to it. This synth is modulated and plays around the heavy beats, it is measured yet carefree.

Keeping things going is mysterious Danish producer Soren Aalberg. Known for some scorching remixes, like his remix of Seba Lecompte’s ‘Shaped’ last year, he always brings fire to his productions. ‘In Lights’ feels like staring into the Stargate. It’s a dive into the intergalactic abyss with an unrelenting sense of the unknown. It has a driving bass drum; however, it is the sci-fi synth that merges hallowed feelings with future sounding melodies that hits this one home.

Drawing things to a close is Hungarian David Temessi and Italian Joy Fagnani. Both are coming off a busy year, having released under labels like Kuda Audio and Neuhain. ‘Rave Within’ provides a big techno track that was constructed to destroy basements. It builds towards a massive break with a heavy synth and deeps vocals that feel as if they’re coming from the deepest caves. An assault that concludes an aggressive project.


01. Dario Sorano – Just One Gate (Original Mix)
02. Hanubis – Frozen Mountain
03. Soren Aalberg – In Lights
04. David Temessi & Joy Fagnani – Rave Within

Anabiosis: Injection B is due for release June 21st via Korpus 9

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