Last Track at Trouw, Amsterdam

Author : DK
January 08, 2015

Last Track at Trouw, Amsterdam


As we all turned a page to a new chapter in our lives, the iconic club Trouw in Amsterdam ended its legendary story. There’s no doubt that they ended in grand fashion though; taking the club to a new level with a stacked lineup during a 35-hour marathon party. This week we dedicate Throwback Thursday to the last track that echoed through Trouw: Talking Heads – This Must Be the Place (Patrice Baumel Club Edit)

To my surprise, and probably to the elation of the dancefloor, this Talking Heads track could not have been a more appropriate song to sum up the legacy that Trouw had established over the years. Although we aren’t 100% sure what DJ dropped the final track, it is certain that everyone inside Trouw was experiencing a vibe unmatched in any club around the world that night…or should I say morning?

Patrice Baumel’s edit is a very simple edit keeping the track relatively untouched. Anyone familiar with This Must Be the Place will notice a few simple changes like a slightly faster tempo and clap pattern to make this a DJ friendly tool. The lyrics and arrangement of all the instruments make this a classic, and a perfect choice to leave a full dance floor with warm spirits and fond memories.