Lampé’s ‘Closed Again’ EP Cooks Up Serious Grooves

Lampe Closed Again
Author : Nathan Christopher
May 24, 2021

Lampé’s ‘Closed Again’ EP Cooks Up Serious Grooves

When it comes to techno, minimal, or deep tunes, Hamburg-based Lampé is a factory full of tricks. His Closed Again EP with Los Angeles-based label Shadow Wulf Records features two original tracks that cook up emotions and surprises with serious groove and energy.

“While walking through the city, I was searching for an idea for a new track. I always look around me, and normally I find something that triggers [it],” shares Lampé when speaking about his latest EP. “What happened during last year? Clubs and events opened and were shut down again. Just think of the picture when you walk next to a club and on the door is written: ‘Closed Again’. So I immediately went back to the studio, recorded some vocals and wrote Closed Again. This one is influenced by Tech House elements and the typical Dark Minimal.”

With over 150 releases under his belt, Closed Again EP is Lampé’s first release with Shadow Wulf Records. The EP features one remix from talented Portuguese Psytech artist Luis M.

6AM Premiere: Lampé’s Closed Again EP

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