Lake Avalon Shares Studio Tips for Music Producers on Lockdown

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 07, 2020

Lake Avalon Shares Studio Tips for Music Producers on Lockdown

Amsterdam based Melodic techno DJ/producer Lake Avalon, originally from Bogota, Colombia, has released on labels like Stil Vor Talent, Parquet, Jeudi Records, Einmusika, Global Underground, Kraftek, Electronique, Kittball. He’s owner of the record label Cloudbreak.

His recent works are a split EP on Katermukke with Marc DePulse, the “Sunrise” EP on Nico Morano’s Atmosphere, which you can find on Beatport here, and “Pallas” EP in April 2020 on Hungarian label Artessa.

Today, he shares valuable studio tips for music producers on lockdown.

1. No social media in the studio

I think nowadays it is very easy to get distracted while making music in the studio. Social media can take so much time when you got stuck in the just scrolling around game. I also have to put my phone away or disconnect it from the internet to keep the flow going and to keep my focus during the process of making music and being creative. So when starting in the studio I would always advice to put your phone or away or disconnect the internet where possible to create more effective time in the studio.

2. Master your gear

This has been discussed so many times but that has a reason why so.
It does not matter if you make music with hardware of virtual synths, it is so important to know what you are doing and to know your gear. I always think it can be very good to master 1 or 2 synths totally instead of using 10/15 different synths only very limited. This way you will never know the maximum possibilities of an individual synth. So my advice always will be, try to focus on just a limited amount of synths and know them so that you can make any sound with it.
Personally I work a lot with plugins as Diva and Sylenth. They do most of my work regarding all sounds other then the drum sounds. I know pretty well what they can do and it saves a lot of time for me to focus on these mostly rather then using lots of other stuff just a little amount of time.

3. Work with other artists

Lake Avalon with Tom Zeta in their studio

Lake Avalon with Tom Zeta in their studio

What helped me a lot during the process of learning how to make music was to work together with lots of different artists. So I visited a lot of different studios to work on music with producer friends around the globe. This way I saw so many different approaches of making music. I learned that everybody has their own way of starting and finishing a track. I got so many new different views on this process. Also it helped me a lot to get much better in the technical aspect of making music. As everybody has their own tricks or even secrets that I learned when making music together with different producers.

4. Finish tracks

For starting producers, I think the best way to learn the full process of making music is to actual finish tracks in full.
So even if you think that a track you are working on does not have the potential you are hoping for, just finish the track. This way you train yourself with all the facets of making music. You learn making music by just doing it and keep doing it. This way you will grow and get better track after track.

5. Take a break from a track

For experienced producers, sometimes it can be very useful to stop working on a track when you are almost finished or stuck or just think the track is not going in the right direction you hoped for.
After not working on the track for days or weeks or maybe even months you probably have the right answers to it when you get back to them later on. Even if this means that you will delete it. But hopefully after a break you can start again with a fresh mind and see the track in a new perspective and this could be the missing link in actually finishing it the way you really feel it.

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