La Fraicheur’s EP is a Safe Space for Raving and Inclusivity

La Fraicheur
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
May 04, 2022

La Fraicheur’s EP is a Safe Space for Raving and Inclusivity

La Fraicheur’s EP “Reversing Stigma” releasing on her label, House of (S)PUNK is a soundtrack that tries to convey those principles of what the rave scene represents for its participants and detractors, by creating moments of tension, release, apathy, celebration, fear, anger and joyful explosion in the shape of cross-genre electronic music. The piece travels between ambient, electronica, electro, house, techno, breakbeat, acid, and EBM.

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La Fraicheur’s new EP that are excerpts from M.A.D – an hour-long immersive piece that is centered around club culture from French choreographer Julien Grosvalet. The dance performance touches on themes of clubs as political spaces for community bonding, visibility, solace and empowerment. This piece was born after the events of June 21st 2019 when, in La Fraicheur’s hometown Nantes, a young dancer, Steve Maia Caniço, died during the violent police raid of a legal techno party,

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Combined with La Fraicheur’s EP, the the goal is to  evoke the importance of how every rave environment should be a safe place for the queer and disenfranchised population to bond, grieve, breathe, celebrate one’s identity, and to empower one’s whole-self.

Premiere: La Fraicheur “Rising” – House of (S)PUNK

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The first track, “From Protest To Rave And Back Again” evokes the moment that comes with protesting for political injustices. The track is centered around thundering and irate acid bass lines that are distorted throughout. Overall, this track is the anthem to let out all the existential pain, and to be heard in the process.

Second track, “Reversing Stigma” exemplifies techno as a movement that has managed to see light in darkness. Within this track, there is a somber yet growling bass, yet it is associated with eeri and sharp melodic elements. With an EBM feel and a Breakbeat-infused groove, the track is the sonic embodiment of solace, letting go, and celebration.

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“Meeting Points”, as the title hints, is the epitome of a queer church anthem for those have a desire to feel  celebratory moments – similar to how church feels on a Sunday afternnoon. With its long stabs of classic house organs,  galactic disco elements, and reverbed basslines, this track is great for feeling the essence of spiritual communion. This track is also another hit when it comes to musically stating the safe boundaries that are needed within queer culture, and for those that want to forget violence and chaos in the outseide world

The closing track ‘Rising’, is an emotional trip that evokes the feeling of party-going and floating through the rave after-hours between night and day. From a narrative standpoint, the lightness of being awake yet tired, and seeing the sun rise inspires the feeling of duality of either staying awake to go back to normalcy, or to stay in a whimsical, dream-like state in the after-hours fantasy-land for a bit longer.

Artwork by: Monica Llag

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