Kyle Watson Shares His Top 6 Reasons Why CRSSD is a Must

kyle watson CRSSD
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
February 22, 2022

Kyle Watson Shares His Top 6 Reasons Why CRSSD is a Must

Kyle Watson has been working hard to carve a space out of the global house scene for his own brand of house music. Sculpted from many avenues, Kyle Watson turns his inspiration into unique sounds that style after forward-thinking house music. His hypnotic sounds of basslines and drums have warranted him industry nods from popular electronic artists such as: Diplo, Chris Lake, and Gorgon City. They’ve all of who have given Kyle an opportunity to spread his music worldwide as well as allow him to become a headliner for many shows.

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CRSSD 2022 is less than two weeks away. Kyle Watson will be playing at Spring 2022’s CRSSD. Catch him delivering heaters, chunes, and bangers at the Palm Stage Whether you are headlining the stage or are an attendee, CRSSD should be experienced at least once (or however many times!) in one’s lifetime. Here are Kyle Watson’s reasons why CRSSD is worth it.


“An outdoor event doesn’t get a much better setting than CRSSD. Being my first ever U.S. play I was blown away by the view from The Palms stage as the sunset. Idyllic stuff!”

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“The staging and sound are always so so good at CRSSD that as an artist it’s impossible to not enjoy it. If I’m enjoying myself the crowd is enjoying themselves, and vice versa. That’s what makes this one of my favorite events to play because CRSSD makes that relationship so easy to achieve.”

Listen: Kyle Watson Gives an Exclusive Mini Mix Ahead of CRSSD 2022


“Probably one of the most receptive crowds I ever play to in the US! It just feels like everyone is down for whatever you play for them, you can really take risks and because the crowd is so open-minded the risks are always rewarded!”

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‘The talent that gets booked for this festival is so diverse across the three stages that there really is something for everyone. You can walk from one end to the other and hear three different artists that are at the top of their game delivering totally different genres, and at every stage, there is a crowd enjoying the time of their lives.”

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“As an artist playing the festival, being comfortable backstage before and after the set is super important. The CRSSD team gets it right. There’s always a great atmosphere backstage where I get a chance to meet new artists, hang with those I already know, and make connections.”

The Afterparties

“Do I even need to say more? If you’re not going to a CRSSD afters then you’re only experiencing half of the magic! I’ve played a CRSSD After Dark both times, and they’re just as fun as playing the festival. It gives artists the chance to showcase slightly different energy, and I really love the way they’re such a core part of the experience.’


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