Kyle Geiger, Chris Liebing, Truncate, Arjun Vagale Share FREE Ableton Sample Kits & Tutorial

Ableton Sample Kits from Liebing Truncate Geiger Vagale
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 19, 2020

Kyle Geiger, Chris Liebing, Truncate, Arjun Vagale Share FREE Ableton Sample Kits & Tutorial

In these trying and unprecedented times we keep seeing artists take the opportunity to help fans, peers and music fans world over in many ways. And let’s be honest, all electronic music producers could benefit from some free Ableton sample kitsĀ  right now!

Some are live streaming sets, others are releasing free music download or posting Bandcamp discounts. Spearheaded by Kyle Geiger, a group of four well-respected techno artists are taking the initiative to provide Ableton tutorials and sample packs to aspiring and established producers, giving them tools to work with while in the studio, practicing social distancing and quarantine measures enacted to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can download Ableton sample kits from Kyle Geiger, Chris Liebing, Truncate and Arjun Vagale via Dropbox HERE.

As part of the initiative, Geiger went live on Facebook yesterday with his first Ableton tutorial. You can find the lesson in the Dropbox folder but can also watch the video on his Facebook page as well as embedded below.

“Hi everyone! Thanks for joining in today. It’s really amazing, and super fun for me to come together with those who joined in. I hope you learned something and had a bit of fun in the process. I’m such an amateur when it comes to livestreaming stuff, so thanks for the grace you all gave me with technical stuff. That part will get better, and I hope it does the same for your production. This is SIGNIFICANTLY more terrifying than DJing in front of a bunch of people…thanks for being a great group to be vulnerable with. As promised, here’s the full session that came about from today’s session. Download it, open it up, build it up, tear it apart…I just figured it would be better to have the actual session to look at while following along with the video. Send me any questions you might have and we’ll meet again soon!


Kyle “Echovoice” Geiger”