Kiko Deal of Mexican Duo Climbers Has Passed Away

Author : Lydia Castillo
August 09, 2016

Kiko Deal of Mexican Duo Climbers Has Passed Away

Kiko Deal

Kiko Deal (right) and Jay Blakk (left) playing as Climbers

Kiko Deal, a member of the Mexicali duo Climbers, who have had releases on Culprit, Get Physical, and Akbal Records, has passed away. Jay Blakk, his Climbers and life “soul-brother”, announced the sad news via Facebook:

[Translated from Spanish to English]

“My dear friends, on this day I want to communicate with all of you that my soul brother, and the person who believed in all of my foolishness, has passed. The one who would always tell me, “Go hard or go home”. The one who dared to believe in two Mexicali motherf****** touring the world doing what they loved. The one I’d watch play his guitar and knew everything was alright. The one who never over thought about anything too much, but acted with his heart. I love you brother and I now know you’re at rest. Rest in peace, Kiko Deal.”

Cause of death is still unclear. Numerous fans and friends took to social media to wish Kiko the best in the afterlife. Our condolences and respect go to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.