Kevin Over Debuts Broken Jam EP on Truesoul

Author : Jennifer Liu
December 16, 2015

Kevin Over Debuts Broken Jam EP on Truesoul

The young German producer just came out with a tech house hit of an EP titled Broken Jam on Adam Beyer’s secondary imprint Truesoul. At twenty-four years old, Kevin Over is making headway into the electronic music scene with raw house and techno crafts and cuts, groovy to the core for fresh talent.

The Broken Jam EP features four tracks, all worthy of some grand booty-shaking and some classic house throwbacks with a twist. Sat Rush includes sultry vocal cuts and a tight high hat and bass combo. Djengis is both filthy and coy with a prominent cow bell ring and teasing of disco samples. The aptly named Broken Jam is an EP favorite that includes drawn out synths and a rushy 808 drum line, constituting a sultry encounter between house and techno elements. The last track Precious elicits subtle feelings of nostalgia for a uniquely minimal UK garage sound, complete with ephemeral claps.

Grab up the exclusive EP on Beatport.

Kevin Over: Facebook | Soundcloud

Truesoul: Official Site | Facebook | Soundcloud