Ken Ishii Releases “Leaps” Under Flare Alias

Author : Lee Trotter
March 20, 2016

Ken Ishii Releases “Leaps” Under Flare Alias

Ken Ishii DJ

Legendary Japanese DJ and producer Ken Ishii delivers “Leaps” under his Flare alias, a full-length album that will be a notable accolade on his already impressive musical resume.

“My earliest music was experimental so it’s like going back to my roots. I’m still like a kid when I’m in front of my computer,” Ishii stated in an interview with Yahoo.

It’s been three years since Ken Ishii released an album under his Flare alias, with the last one being the critically acclaimed album “Dots” in 2013. But time is irrelevant, as Ishii consistently makes music that is absolutely timeless.

While there is a noticeable experimental atmosphere to Ken Ishii’s new album, he remains true to his craft and brings forth deep emotive techno perfectly suited for home or the dance floor alike.

Throughout “Leaps” the listener will be taken into a variety of sonic landscapes; like the broken beat acid territory of the opening track “Mole Tunnel”, filtered techno house gems such as “Las Pozas”, and ethereal epics such as “Shadows and Rings”. It’s experimentation in the best of ways, and remains authentic to the sound that Ishii has developed with years of experience.

Unlike many singles or EP’s, an album is an opportunity to take more risks and dive deeper into a more eclectic composition. Ken Ishii honed in on this process with “Leaps”, and presents what will be another classic album from the esteemed artist. Is it a coincidence that it’s a leap year in 2016? We think not.

“Leaps” is available for purchase on the 70 Drums Official Website and Beatport.

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