Kate Simko and the London Electronic Orchestra Announce Debut Album

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 25, 2016

Kate Simko and the London Electronic Orchestra Announce Debut Album


Kate Simko’s resume is as extensive as they get, with experience as a film scorer and composer on top of her multiple years as a producer and DJ. Always striving to push the envelope, the Chicago native musician is now releasing a self-titled debut LP with the London Electronic Orchestra – a project spearheaded by Kate that blends the realms of electronic music and orchestra.

While this is mostly uncharted musical territory, she not only already began experimenting with electronic music and classical instruments when she was getting her Masters Degree at the Royal College of Music, but has taken the LEO on high-profile gigs including Bestival, the iTunes Festival and Ibiza.

As Kate explains, the two go hand in hand for her. To me DJ’ing is live composition,she says.Its an improvisation. Youre choosing music for the moment. And that spontaneity is channeled into London Electronic Orchestra.

In this new project, Kate fully composes the original LEO songs but with collaboration from the orchestra, specifying that, “LEO is about showcasing these ornate instruments in a new way, letting the players have their own moments to shine, and working with other creative collaborators to make it all happen.

London Electronic Orchestra is set to come out on May 6th on vinyl, CD and also digital download via The Vinyl Factory. In February, it will be preceded by a three-track EP entitled Tilted, which includes a remix by LSOS (Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa). You can listen to the latter below through The Vinyl Factory’s Soundcloud.

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