Juliet Fox Shares Her 10 Favorite Drumcode Tracks

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 07, 2019

Juliet Fox Shares Her 10 Favorite Drumcode Tracks

One of the most multi-talented up and coming electronic music artists on the scene, Juliet Fox is making her mark as both a DJ and producer for all to see, gaining attention and support from fans and peers alike.

Juliet has become a Drumcode mainstay with several releases now on the label, the latest being her contribution to Drumcode’s A-Sides Vol. 8 Compilation, with 25 tracks hand-picked by Adam Beyer. That track, “Was Beautiful,” was played by too many DJs to mention this year, but that was not all for Juliet. This year she’s had tracks out on Octopus Records, NOIR and Kraftek, and has been playing a string of high-profile events throughout the globe. These have included Drumcode’s takeover at Tobacco Docks in London as well as several upcoming Drumcode-curated events in the United States this month.

This weekend alone, she is playing a dedicated stage at EDC Orlando and a label take-over at Avant Gardner in New York City. Tickets and info for all her upcoming Drumcode events can be found here.

Given Juliet’s incredible year, we asked her to share her 10 favorite Drumcode tracks with us. Enjoy the playlist below.

1. Ramiro Lopez – Come Closer Feat. Juliet Fox (Original Mix)

I still get goosebumps hearing this track! When I saw the video of Adam Beyer playing this track out in the Gashouder, with fireworks going off… ufff that was something! Being my first release on DC, this one holds a special place in my heart.

2. Ben Sims – The Afterparty (Adam Beyer Remix)

I only found this track recently, but it definitely takes you on a bit of a twisted journey. It makes me feel like I’m in a dark smoky filled room, dancing with my eyes closed not knowing what the time or day is.

3. Secret Cinema & SAMA – Diviner (Original Mix)

I just love the vocal in this track – super sexy and captivating, and makes you feel like you just fell in love for the first time but losing it all at the same time.

4. Enrico Sangiuliano – New Dawn (Original Mix)

Just as the title says, it makes you feel like you have just woken to a new dawn, an awakening and a brand new day. One filled with love and hope.

5. Boxia – Only Human (Original Mix)

This track makes me think of a scene out of a Marvel movie, or at the moment where a human is being transformed into mutant or robot form and the intensity of it.

6. Adam Beyer – That Would Be The Sun (Original Mix)

This track really runs through your body from head to toe, with a captivating beat and spiraling sensation.

7. dubspeeka – Primary K256 (Original Mix)

Such a beautiful track this one – soft and transcending with the vocal taking you higher every time, and a hypnotic, swinging groove that will keep you moving.

8. Jel Ford – Night Shade (Original Mix)

I couldn’t stop playing this track when I first heard it. It makes you feel like you’re dancing on a beach at sunrise with the groovy tone, break beat, and the energising synth and vocal to really take you there.

9. Julian Jeweil – Mars (Original Mix)

Such a fun track to play! This one actually makes you feel like you’re dancing on mars, ready to board a spaceship and blast off into outer space.

10. Juliet Fox – Was Beautiful (Original Mix)

One of my own, and I think my favourite track I have made so far… I really felt something really deep and emotional at the time I wrote this, and almost unaware of the words I was saying, harmonizing with the synth loop in an almost hypnotic way. I hope everyone feels something from this or is reminded of one of their ‘first times’.


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