Joe Turner: Studio Tour

Joe Turner: Studio
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 13, 2020

Joe Turner: Studio Tour

The incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist Joe Turner talks us through the studio gear he used for his new cut ‘Crystal Clear,’ out now via LG105, and available here

This latest offering is part-melodic beauty, part-slick club track. Built around a deep, pulsating sequence using the Prophet 08, “Crystal Clear” is an instantly likeable club track with a sharp, cogent drum beat and a crazy catchy vocal as its foundation. The track also samples a handful of organic instruments including a tongue drum, marimba, guitars and a handpan, a defining element to Turner’s original music and live show.

Joe Turner's Studio

Joe Turner grew up in a house filled with soul music and a dash of nineties electronica. His grandfather, a jazz pianist, was a major influence from whom he’s undoubtedly inherited the musical talent that saw him writing his first song at just eleven years old.

Joe Turner is quickly establishing himself as one of the most exciting young producers around, so what’s the secret behind his studio productions? Talent of course, but also a selection of carefully chosen and expertly used hardware, all of which he shows us below.

Prophet 08

Prophet 08

Joe Turner Studio – Prophet 08

I am such a huge fan of this synth. It is so diverse and the character it has for every sound is hard to match. When I started producing music I longed for a synth made by the great Dave Smith, so as soon as I could afford one – I bought it. Haven’t looked back since! This synth is all over my tracks, and forms the main sequence for my latest single ‘Crystal Clear.’

Korg Minilogue

Joe Turner Studio - Korg Minilogue

Joe Tuerner Studio – Korg Minilogue

This one is the first hardware synth I ever owned, and it still gets used all the time. I first bought this one when I was in a rock band and wanted to add some depth to our sound, however it sat in the corner collecting dust (which is criminal, I know). When I started to make electronic music and began learning about synthesis, the Minilogue was my absolute go to. The interface of the synth is very straight forward and once you start to craft your own sounds, you can very quickly find great results. I recommend this synth to anyone looking to buy their first hardware synth but don’t know where to look.

Moog Grandmother

Joe Turner Studio - Moog Grandmother

Joe Turner Studio – Moog Grandmother

This is my latest addition to the studio, and it’s an absolute BEAST. Moog’s are renowned for their amazing bottom end and iconic filters and this synth is no different. I’m still yet to explore the modular side of things in full depth, however right out the box the Grandmother is so much fun. The added spring reverb in the unit gives it something not a lot of other synths on the market can buy. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this one and incorporating it into future tracks.

Ableton Push & Kalimba

Joe Turner Studio - Ableton Push & Kalimba

Joe Turner Studio – Ableton Push & Kalimba

Two very different tools, but both powerful in their own right. The Push is a pivotal piece of hardware for my live shows. I run everything from there and it is an ingenious piece of kit – the integration it has with Ableton is incredible and literally makes anything possible without having to use your laptop. I also use the Push to occasionally write in midi drum grooves alongside melodies, if I want to step away from a keyboard and play something percussive.

The Kalimba has played a big part in helping sculpt my sound as an artist. I recorded myself playing in a melody which eventually ended up as the main hook for my previous single ‘Malibak.’ It was a spontaneous purchase at the time, but one that was so worth it.

Guitars (Fender Strat)

Joe Turner Studio - Guitars (Fender Strat)

Joe Turner Studio – Guitars (Fender Strat)

I originally learnt and studied music as a Guitarist, so I have a few of them in my studio. This one, in particular, is my oldest, and I have a sweet spot for this one. The diversity of a Strat is something hard to match on any other guitar I’ve played. Recently I have been getting back into using my guitars as writing tools in my music – I strayed away from them for a while but feel like I’ve found a new love for playing the guitar again since the lockdown!

‘Crystal Clear’ is Out Now on LG105, get it here:

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