Jeff Derringer Launches New Record Label: Oktave Records

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 03, 2017

Jeff Derringer Launches New Record Label: Oktave Records

Chicago-based Jeff Derringer delighted techno fans with amazing news today: the launch of his own record label called Oktave Records.

The techno producer, DJ and event curator is a Smartbar Chicago resident and has enjoyed a prolific release career with output on labels the likes of Soma, Electric Deluxe, Perc Trax, Reclaim Your City and just to name a few.

He has been presiding over his event series Oktave for just short of 8 years now, with top-tier techno showcases in New York City, Chicago and Detroit over the course of the brand’s existence. The name “Oktave” has become synonymous with techno in Chicago, oftentimes the only event series consistently representing the genre in a city that often, and somewhat understandably, favors house music.

Recently Jeff had to make the unfortunate announcement that he was battling the reoccurrence of cancer. While we wished him a quick, successful fight and return back to the techno game, we decided to not cover the news but instead focus on something more positive he had in the works: the launch of Oktave Records.

“Oktave Records will allow me to support and promote artists I believe in with a more significant, longer-lasting product than simple events that come and go in one night,” said Jeff. He also announced that the label will release on both vinyl and digital, and will also feature a monthly podcast which will debut next week with the promise of being “the most flexible of all the Oktave offerings.”

We are happy to echo Jeff’s amazing announcement and look forward to the label’s growth in the coming months and years.

Fuck cancer. Here’s to the future…

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