Jackmaster Issues Apology For “Inappropriate Behavior” at Love Saves The Day Festival

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 13, 2018

Jackmaster Issues Apology For “Inappropriate Behavior” at Love Saves The Day Festival

UPDATE: Jackmaster has since clarified his apology and the reason it was necessary, citing inappropriate sexual harassment conduct at Love Saves The Day. Read the full story here.

Glaswegian DJ Jackmaster has apologized for his behavior at this year’s Love Saves The Day festival that took place in Bristol this past May.

The Scottish artist issued his apology on Facebook, labeling his behavior as “inappropriate,” stating that he behaved “offensively to staff at the event and [damaging] equipment.” He said he takes full responsibility for the situation and has been making changes in his lifestyle to ensure it doesn’t happen again, thanking the festival and its staff for their professionalism and for “maintaining openness.”

Reports are going around that the behavior in question includes Jackmaster defecating in a kettle without telling festival staff, who were left to deal with the surprise and the mess later. While nowhere in his apology does he mention exactly what happened, several people in the comments mention that apparently Love Saves The Day has a video of Jackmaster, highly intoxicated, crouching over a kettle in the festival staff room. No evidence of this being the cause of the apology (or even actually true) can be found anywhere, which has lead to rife rumors about what caused the apology to be necessary in the first place.

Read his full apology and Love Saves The Day’s response below.