JA:CK: “My 10 Favorite Techno Tracks”

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 02, 2019

JA:CK: “My 10 Favorite Techno Tracks”

From Tuscany with love, JA:CK makes his Loot Recordings debut with two tracks that bend genres and push the boundaries of modern dance music.

The first cut “Pervinca” is a menacing slow builder, layered with dramatic rising synths that fuels tension and creates anticipation – a total euphoric floor killer! The choppy staccato rhythm of distorted synths continues to build, ultimately diving into complex, twinkling melodies that are sinisterly playful and perfectly complement the melodrama with a lighter, airy feel.

“Never Ending” is crisp, clean techno that’s emotive and dreamy, yet packed with a powerful punch for dance floors. Lead by a beautiful melody that’s modulated with delays and effects, the hazy track becomes increasingly hypnotic with warm pads and overtones that creates a deep, atmospheric production that will stand.

In honor of his recent release, we asked JA:CK to share his 10 favorite techno gems with us:

1. JA:CK – Nattura

Not because it’s my production, but because this track has meant so much to me. Maybe because it’s mine! LOL!!! Everything happened in a magical way and still excites me, although I listened to it in a loop I don’t know how many times… “Nattura” was my first release on Cocoon Recordings, only vinyl 10”.

2. Dj Koze – Mariposa

I love to play this track at the afterhour or as one of the last tracks of the set. A real trip into the music! I love the sound of Dj Koze!!!

3. Sei A – Moving Shadows

An excellent electronic track that creates a certain mystical atmosphere. Perfect in some of my sets and playable at different times of the evening. Great trip.

4. Mark Broom – EFB

Mark Broom and his grooves. This new track is so strong… I think to play it for a long time. Great artist, great sound.

5. Fabrizio Rat – L’isola

I believe that Fabrizio with his piano and his synthesizers has made a space of his own in the world techno scene. His shows are pure techno played live. And “L’isola” is really cool.

6. Man with guitar – Man with guitar

I finished the vinyl since I played it and I’m playing it. Timeless masterpiece!

7. The Chemical Brothers – Eve of destruction

This track is not really techno… but I love her from the first listening. The first time I played her, the dancefloor went crazy. And me with them. The Chemical Brothers are always ahead.

8. Underworld – Kittens

I bought the vinyl of this record as soon as it arrived in record stores, like almost all those of the Underworld. Their sound was projected into the future and this is one of their tracks that I keep playing sometimes.

9. Fred Lenix – Manipulated living

I tried this track at the end of the night, at the first light of dawn to tell the truth. And my feelings were right. A track that floats and dreams. Amazing!

10. Hologram – Solstice

Solstice is one of those tracks that I can’t categorize in a precise genre, but each time I discover new emotions by listening to her. And with me, my son and my wife at home or in the ca, when I play it maybe at the end of the evening… well, listen to it and you will know me.


01. Pervinca
02. Never Ending

JA:CK’s Pervinca/Never Ending EP is out July 12th on Loot Recordings