Itching to Play? Artists Eye Their Return to the Dancefloor

Author : Daisy Magana
May 07, 2021

Itching to Play? Artists Eye Their Return to the Dancefloor

With the impending future still uncertain in the wake of Covid-19, re-opening of all live events has the world cautiously optimistic. There have been numerous live acts and DJ sets occurring throughout the pandemic leading to super spreader parties. While some have played plague raves, there are those who have taken a stance on only returning to the dancefloor when it’s safe to do so. As parts of the world move into yellow tiers, hopes for resuming live events are at an all-time high. Music fans are dying to rush to the dancefloors, but what about those curating the vibes? Do artists, who’ve skipped playing events, feel comfortable returning to the dancefloor? Artists are sharing their thoughts on returning to the dancefloor.

A recent 6AM poll showed 82 percent of respondents indicating they would feel comfortable playing a live gig right now. However, there are those who still feel hesitant of playing in front of crowds. Renowned techno artist Truncate isn’t willing to chance it.

How will the music industry return to the dancefloor? Whatever precautions event organizers and promoters take will be important to help ensure the events industry can take steps in a positive direction. This also calls for everyone to do their part including those attending the events.

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DJ and producer Tim Cullen has established himself in the world of electronic music releasing on a range of influential labels including ViVa Music and Snatch! He shares how DJs have an upper hand in this environment. “I think it’s more important that the crowd feel safe. It is all about them. As a DJ, it is easy for us to have our own space in the booth and be socially distanced from people. Everyone has their own anxiety levels, rules, experiences with this pandemic. It is about everyone feeling comfortable in themselves. The more mask wearers and testing machines at entrances to festivals and venues the better. This helps put people’s minds at ease and allows them to concentrate on what they are there for: the music.” Face masks have been a part of rave culture long before they were an everyday safety precaution. Artists are encouraging fans to keep wearing them as a way to help prevent spikes in COVID-19 cases and then some as G Jones points out.

Not all artists are keeping silent about some of their peers. Los Angeles-based UK Producer/DJ Heidi Lawden recently shared her sentiment on some DJs hitting the dancefloor again.


“With the world slowly re-emerging and an increased desire worldwide for IRL social connectivity, it would be great to re-connect and play a live gig once again,” says VNCCI. “There’s nothing quite like emotionally connecting with each other in a live experience where we all share that special moment. I feel like the world is ready for it as long as we all stay COVID safe and look after each other.” Artists who’ve helped preserve club and rave culture are either willing to wait it out a bit longer or willing to play in front of a reduced capacity event. Check out what they have to say below.



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“Unfortunately, I don’t have gigs during this serious situation. I’ll wait for the return of brighter days. I have some projects and plans to release more tracks in the near future. Please keep supporting the music.”

Satoshi Fumi



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“I think DJ gigs with 200 people here in Iceland would be fine given the situation now. Not sure if I would go to India or Brazil if invited. I am not super stressed about playing live or DJing again; although this situation has been really hard financially on me and my band. I have faith that we will survive somehow. In my opinion, societies should be able to cool down in situations like this and maintain a basic consumption level of its citizens, without getting paralyzed when the danger is over.”

Biggi Veira, from GusGus






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“Yes, with the first day of summer and warm weather on its way, I think it’ll be nice to play ‘open air’ shows. It’s really important to me that we all get out of our cocoons and experience some healthy human connection. We are all in this together, which is important to remember. With regards to precaution, I don’t make the rules. Just the music. However, I will say this, we should all practice compassion and respect in all aspects of our lives.

Bobby Nourmand


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“I feel comfortable playing live and am excited to, though I think it’s important especially with bigger events like festivals to take precautions such as being held outdoors and requiring negative covid tests or proof of vaccination. I think it’s really awesome that live music is starting to come back and to see that events are doing everything they can to keep people comfortable and safe.”



artists return dancefloor

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“I would definitely feel comfortable playing a gig if people feel comfortable being there. I am fully vaccinated, and I would hope that if people are making the decision to be out at a show, that they are being personally responsible to ensure their own safety (whether through vaccination or some other measure). I think I would still prefer some sort of mask mandate, as well as reduced capacity shows. But I’ve been accepting offers for DJ gigs, and I’m feeling ready for live music as long as we can all cooperate to make it as safe as possible.”

Danny Goliger


artists return dancefloor

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“Yes, we would feel comfortable, with the opportunity, and correct precaution we can start again to play safely. Yes, maybe we could to continue to check the temperature of the people and everyone to continue to wash their hands regularly.”

M.F.S: Observatory


artists return dancefloor

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“It’s hard to say that I would feel 100% comfortable, but I am sure that the right precautions will guarantee a safe environment. Especially in the initial phase, it’s important to operate under limited capacity and undergo covid-19 rapid tests”

Gadi Mitrani, artists return dancefloor

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“Yes, I would feel very comfortable, Specially outdoors would be no problem, and I would be ok to play indoors with a mask too.”

Gadi Mitrani

Courtesy of Eureka Artists

“I feel better than ever. As a society we’ve been through all the stages of the pandemic, now it’s back to being excited about connecting with the audience. The parties are very clear about the current regulations to be able to hold a quality event in complete safety. Just this weekend in Girona, Catalonia there was an event without distances where it was wonderful to be able to enjoy the club atmosphere again.”

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