Is This Really The Highest You Can Jump?

Author : 6AM
February 17, 2021

Is This Really The Highest You Can Jump?

I was watching a program on the science channel last week about fleas… yes, fleas. What fascinated me about them is their ability to jump up to 8 inches high, which is about 150 times their height! If you’re 6 ft tall, that’s equivalent to jumping about 900 feet in the air, which is just remarkable.

But here’s the thing, fleas are actually smart insects that can be conditionally trained just like humans.

If we place fleas inside a mason jar, we will see them attempting to escape by jumping out but we know that in their attempt they will hit their head against the lid over and over.

Over time, they adjust and no longer hit the top. With the lid removed, the fleas do not escape. They jump but they do not jump out.

Why not? Because they’ve conditioned themselves to only jump so high.

We are no different. We adjust to meet the standards we expect of ourselves. We often place these blind limitations on our goals simply because we get stuck or knocked down over and over again just like the fleas when attempting to jump out of the closed lid.

What ceiling have you placed on how high you can go? What walls have you built on how far you can push?

Remember, the conditions of yesterday are always changing! Each day is a new opportunity to break through those barriers and jump through those ceilings. Don’t be conditioned by failed attempts, instead be conditioned to always try again; no matter how high the ceiling may be. You just might surprise yourself one day!

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