“Is it unique? Or is it good, but generic?” Club Sweat Talks on Finding Standout Tracks

Club Sweat
Author : Daisy Magana
April 09, 2021

“Is it unique? Or is it good, but generic?” Club Sweat Talks on Finding Standout Tracks

The Australian-based label Club Sweat is celebrating its first annual compilation. In 2017, the label earned #1 on Beatport charts with Purple Disco Machine‘s global hit “Body Funk.” It went onto receive support on BBC Radio 1 and was soon followed by three more Club Sweat and Purple Disco Machine releases that all went Top 10 on Beatport. So what makes a standout track? The label shares what it keeps its ear out for. Artists on its compilation also highlight a few of their personal favorite tracks and why they keep rinsing them. You’ll find their curated selection in the playlist below.

“Club Sweat began innocently enough, to release dance floor club music that we loved aimed at the late-night or the pool party,” says Danny T, Club Sweat general manager. “No frills, no fuss, and to be honest, no real roll-out…. the music spoke for itself.” Through its successful releases, the label has been able to expand into other aspects of the music business. “These days club sweat has turned into a full-service beast. From artist development to priority cross-over releases all steered with PR, marketing and A&R teams treating each record as if it were their own.”


“Founded by the dance legend himself, AJAX, his whole signing process was always centered around the word ‘schtick’ – doest it have schtick?”

Danny T on what Club Sweat looks for when welcoming releases


Music is subjective, but it doesn’t change the fact that when you hear a “belter,” “banger” or “massive chune” there’s something that draws ears. It’s the “bass face” you give when you hear a track that pulls you in. For Club Sweat, it’s something you can’t explain but just know. “Founded by the dance legend himself, AJAX, his whole signing process was always centered around the word ‘schtick’ – doest it have schtick?,” says Danny T. “What makes it stand out? Is it unique? Or is it good, but generic? We try to avoid generic, because there really is a lot of amazing, but the same kind of music out there. We aim to find the ones that stand out, be it sounds or artists.”

Club Sweat is a home for rising talent and established artists alike to release their underground dance-floor destroyers from disco to techno. Fueled by the motto “Would you Shazam it?,” Club Sweat has spent nearly 10 years signing music without commercial hopes or expectations. Check out what some Club Sweat artists are keeping in their rotation and why they keep these tracks close.

Ferreck Dawn
  • “Ride This Sound” – Riva Starr feat. Imaginary Cities: “I love the indie vibe in this track. Riva Starr is one of my favorite producers, great to see him on Club Sweat.”
  • “The Heat” – David Penn: “One of the best releases of last year in my opinion. I absolutely love the groove from David + the extremely catchy spoken word/rap vibes. Big love for this track!”
  • “Coming home” – A-Trak & Ferreck Dawn: “Had to include this one. It was my first collaboration with the legend A-Trak. We had a session together in London and finished it by sending it back and forth. Very happy we signed it to Club Sweat, and see it doing well.”
Torren Foot
  • “Bosun” – Boot Action: I remember when I first heard Bosun, I was shook! The sound design and attitude of the record was so exciting, especially for that time. It was a non-conforming straight-up club banger, and I think it really embodies the ethos of Club Sweat. There’s no formula for a Club Sweat record. If it sounds good, it is good, and that’s what I love about it so much.”
  • “Roots” – Fausto Fanizza: “I’m a sucker for a good melody and this joint has that in abundance. I love the tone of it and how it flows. It’s not only nice but can pack a dancefloor!”
  • “More Life More Life” – Torren Foot: “Just does it for me.  I love the nostalgia of the Drake samples, and the arrangement is just killer! I’m a huge Drake fan so when I heard this I went nuts and played it in every set until the pandemic hit.  It’s one of those records that you just wish you had been able to think of!  Much love to mista badman Torren Foot!”
Yolanda Be Cool
  • “Slow” – Frames: “This was pretty much the first Club Sweat release and it’s just so good. It will never age…not a go-to club record but a go-to vibe record for sure. Frames was also working at Sweat at the time, so it was a family affair as all good Club Sweat things are.”

Listen to all these tracks and more in the playlist below.

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