Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 080 feat. Funk D’Void

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 26, 2017

Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 080 feat. Funk D’Void

Lars Sandberg, aka Funk D’Void, has made a massive contribution to the dance music scene during his giant 20 year career, releasing on labels such as Bedrock, Cocoon, Electrik Soul, Missile, Octopus, Soma, Suruba, Tronic, Tulipa, among others, along with his own label, Outpost Recordings. As guest for the 80th episode of 6AM’s Global Vibe Radio and back with a brilliant new release entitled “Feels So Good” for ON IT Recordings, we thought it high time we had a chat with the underground Tech legend.

Listen to the mix below, download it for FREE here and read on for full track listing and interview.

Hi Lars, it’s a pleasure to chat with you today, how’s 2017 been for you so far?

Pretty fun, a wee bit of a rollercoaster there but I’m back on track. Summer’s over so I can wear all my ace jackets that have been hiding away in my wardrobe.

You’ve been on the music scene for over 20 years and a definite hero on the underground Tech scene in our books! For those who don’t know please tell us a little about where you are from and how you were introduced to the world of DJing and music production?

I’m originally from Glasgow (Australian mum and Swedish dad) but moved to Barcelona at the end of the 90s. I’ve been DJing since 1985 and producing since 1994, making and playing mostly house and techno. I’ve always known it was going to be my life’s work, sharing the experience of music you like with complete strangers has always been a thing for me.

You’ve had a lengthy relationship and a huge musical output on Soma Records, what have been your highlights and have you any plans for a new album with them?

Highlights were probably around the 2000s when we were in the top 5 global independent dance music labels, releasing big records (when people bought the format in huge numbers) regularly and touring the world showcasing the Soma sound. Good times. Regarding the new LP I don’t think I’ll do one – I will stick to single projects for the time being…it’s just where my creative drive is at the moment.

Your new ‘Feels So Good’ single is coming out through the ON IT Recordings, what can we expect to hear?

“Old school” me. I don’t intentionally try to sound retro, but I am so that’s the way it comes out. This particular track was me rediscovering  some old keyboards from Oberheim and Yamaha so the main hook came from me messing around with them. I still use a Yamaha Tenori-On for sequencing chords and that’s how this track evolved.

You also record under the aliases Francois Dubois, Funk A’Noid and your real name Lars Sandberg, what’s the importance of having different names?

If you want to create a different sound or have fun with making up cooler names with playing on words…

What’s your studio set up like and what pieces of kit are essential the Funk D’Void’s sound?

I sold most of my studio and discovered that I never really needed the kit in the first place… I’d say my Korg Triton is my main studio go-to keyboard. I used to play around on my old Roland TRs but now I’m living on the money from their sales…I’m replacing them with the new Roland Boutique pieces, which I can’t wait for. The size of my studio is tiny so I’ll be able to spread out these wee machines in my room easily.

You’ve made remixes for New Order, Underworld, Kevin Saunderson, Deetron, Laurent Garnier and Paul Van Dyk, just to name a few, have you got a personal favourite and who would you like to remix in the future?

I think the remix I’m most happy with and spent the most time on was Vince Watson’s “A Very Different World”…I like remixing anything that has interesting parts/ musicality.

You’re the boss of Outpost Recordings, tell us about the label, your artists and what to expect musically?

Outpost was born in 2010, mainly to have the freedom to release music that I liked without having to jump through any hoops. Mostly from my mates like Chymera, Beaumont Stanford, Miki Craven, SQL, Child from Australia and Takuya Yamashita from Japan. We have no set rules – just support anything that touches us and stands out from the regular guff out there.

Which producers are rocking your world right now?

Stefan Weise, Codex Empire, Konsumer, Echoplex, Yan Cook.

Do you remember your first gig? Where was it and how did it go?

Sure, it was upstairs in some shitty lounge bar in the city centre of Glasgow, I was 15 and was paid £50 and taken to McDonalds.

You live in Barcelona, how’s the scene there and where are your favorite places to play?

Macarena club is my spiritual home and have supported me so much, I have a monthly residency there for almost ten years (or more?). Moog is also a blast. The scene is healthy enough in the summer (especially during Sonar) but I haven’t really been paying it much attention of late. I’m getting on a wee bit to be gallivanting about the clubs.

If you could play a back-to-back set with any DJ in the world, who would it be?

Laurent Garnier.

What’s been your biggest success and your hardest lesson?

My biggest success has been being a dad and juggling work while raising two kids as a single parent. Best and toughest job in the world…but rushing into buying property was a hard lesson learnt. Save your money, kids!

Which dance track holds the most precious memories for you?

Hearing Rhythim is Rhythim’s “Nude Photo” went I went out to clubs as a teenager was probably the reason I’m here today, talking about music and my career.

Finally, what’s coming next for Funk D’Void?

More content! Emotional content…


“Feels So Good” is now out on ON IT Recordings via Beatport


GVR Track Listing:

Ken Ishii – “Malfunction Manipulation (Funk D’Void remix)”
Funk D’Void – “To Ya Waistline (FDV & Joe Brunning remix)”
Fred Falke – “Love Theme”
Joyless – “Aladdin”
Weisses Licht – “Cryonics (Funk D’Void Remix)”
Funk D’Void – “Chasm”
Van Czar – “Kiss My Lips (Funk D’Void Remix)”
City Life – “San Francisco (Fred Falke Dub)”
Funk D’Void – “Feels So Good (Mark Holmes Remix)”
Reset Robot – “Creatures Of Time”
Cybordelics – “Adventures Of Dama”


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