In Interview: Discovering Basswell

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 01, 2022

In Interview: Discovering Basswell

We sat down with Basswell for an interview to discover who he is. What we know so far? A die-hard, hardtechno enthusiast, Basswell’s real name is Mathias and it’s no secret that he possesses a powerful and assertive style, mixing fast, hard and rave styles.

Supported by the leaders of the underground scene such as Amelie Lens, Shlømo or Kobosil, Basswell has been settling on the scene for several months through bookings in Europe and abroad. A talented and prolific producer, his tracks such as “Bass Down Low”, “Around” and “Hear the Sound” have already been played by some of the biggest names and his innovative and constantly evolving style is appreciated by labels such as Exhale or Color.

In Europe he has played all the major techno stages there are, and shows no sign of stopping. We hear his arrival in North America is fast approaching, so we asked him about it directly…

Hi Mathias, very nice to meet you! Our readers would love to know more about you so let’s start at the very beginning: can you tell us a little bit about where you were born and what your childhood was like? Were you into music as a kid?

I was born in Caen in Normandy. I have always loved music and learning to play the guitar. When I learned to mix, I spent my days practicing alone or with a friend When I was a kid I was always listening to music like a kind of addiction! When I was 11 years old I wanted to play the game “DJ Hero” like “Guitar Hero” on Xbox. I asked my father if he could give it to me for Christmas. Instead, he bought me a Hercules controller with Virtual DJ software. That’s when my passion for mixing started.

What were your first hobbies growing up and what did you want to do when older back then?

I knew that I wanted to work in the music industry or having a life as a musician

What was your first introduction to electronic music?

I first listened to a lot of electronic music, albums or podcasts that my father used to listen to before.

Was there a specific point when you discovered techno and you knew that was IT for you?

When I was 18 I discovered techno through friends. I was already doing productions before so I tried to do techno!

Who were the first techno artists you listened to?

Stranger, Dax J, Ansome, Clouds, Traumer, Len Faki, Randomer, AnD and many more!

Who are the techno artists you listen to now, the ones you enjoy as a fan yourself?

I really like Schranz, hardtechno sets from Klangkuenstler for sure

What or who are your biggest inspirations in the studio?

I don’t have any specific names to say. I’m mainly inspired by old-school classics or old tracks a bit forgotten but still amazing.

You have released on many esteemed labels, including Exhale and Colors, but also found success self-releasing a lot of your big, successful tracks.What would you say is your advice for young producers in techno looking to release their work?

Honestly, when I started to release my self-releases, I thought it was mandatory to be on a label. It’s always good to be recognized on a label but the advice I gave is to release a lot of tracks on soundcloud as self-release because that’s what will give you a lot of visibility at the beginning.

In recent years the hard techno sound has exploded in the scene, with many young talented artists coming up as a result. What do you feel differentiates your sound from the rest?

I think I have a musical personality which is also reflected in my sets because I mix a lot of unreleased tracks where no one can play them.

You’ve played a ton of crazy gigs, any favorites?

I loved to play in Bogota for Doom Bogota. The best party I played in Europe was in Germany, Cologne at Bootshaus for Chrome.

I hear you’re coming to the States soon, are you excited?

I’m very excited because I have never been to the United States!

Any particular city you are looking to check out on this side of the Atlantic?

I think I’ll visit all the biggest cities I can!!

What are three things you always bring on tour with you?

For sure my USB, headphones and sleep mask.

And one last one… what is your regular weekday like, outside of touring and the studio?

I often get up around 10am, play music, eat around 12pm, go to the gym or walk or shopping if I don’t have any rendezvous. When I get home I make dinner or order something, watch a Netflix series or play a game.

Thank you mate, looking forward to seeing you in Los Angeles soon!

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