Digging Deeper with Italy’s Stiv Hey

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 05, 2017

Digging Deeper with Italy’s Stiv Hey

On July 14, techno’s ascending leader, Stiv Hey, unchains three gripping tracks for his Interference EP on Loose Records. Characterized by hexing rhythms and villainous basslines, Hey’s sound is best described as tantalizing, futuristic techno. Additionally landing himself on Dubfire’s SCI+TEC label, Hey has received support from such torchbearers as Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, and Adam Beyer. Now, Hey debuts a refined, dark, and groovy triple-threat in the release of his first solo EP which available for pre-order via Beatport.

We have the pleasure of premiering “Transitions” from the EP, a track that immediately takes off with a rolling bassline and mesmerizing rhythm. Synths circulate and add further depth to the record, resulting in a overall deep-seated effect.

Listen to it below and read on for our interview with the Italian-born producer and DJ.

Ciao, how are you today?

Ciaooo! I’m ready to rock.

 You are born and raised in Milano. Which area of the city?

I come from a little town named Vimercate, located in the Milano hinterland, 30 minutes away from the center of the city.

How was it growing up there?

It was a great place to grow up in, I definitely can’t complain. There was a very good techno scene back in the day and I had the opportunity to listen to many of my idols play live.

I am from Milano too, also born and raised. Do you still live there?

Nice to know! No I don’t live in Milano anymore, I moved to Barcelona at the beginning of the year.

Why did you decide to leave and how is it where you live now?

The main reason I chose to make the move was for the connections. To be able to evolve in the music industry, having the right connections is a key element. I didn’t feel that Milano was the best place for me anymore for this. Barcelona is the most beautiful city I’ve been to; the life here is simply perfect. Such a happy nice flow.

Can you tell us a little bit about the techno scene there? What are some of your favorite clubs and parties? 

The scene in Barcelona is exploding! There are so many parties going on! Club wise, I played at Pacha and City Hall, both very good clubs. I have also been at Input recently and I really liked it.

How did you first discover techno?

My first techno contact happened at my 18th birthday when I was invited by a friend to Amnesia in Milano. Sven Väth was playing… I still remember the incredible feelings of that night.

Was there a moment in your career where you feel something changed and you were able to get you tracks recognized more by artists and labels that matter? 

Yes! It was after I signed my first EP with Dubfire on his label SCI+TEC. When you sign with an important label like SCI+TEC your sound starts to be discovered and liked by more important people.

You’ve been touring a lot recently. Do you prefer that or working in the studio?

My life is on the road connecting with people through my music spreading my energy and vision around the world. I also really like to be in the studio but I can never imagine a life without touring.

Talking about studio time… congrats on the new EP and thanks for the premiere opportunity. Do you have a favorite track from the release? 

Thanks to You! Yes, my favorite track is “Interference.” It is the one closest to my new techno style.

What kind of gear can we find in your studio?

First – some good speakers and Audio Interface (Adam A7X and RME Fireface 802). Synth wise I have my dear Virus TI and the Moog Sub 37. I am also a fan on Native Instrument and Roland, Machine Studio, complete Kontrol Keyboard and the TR8 are my favorite pieces from them.

Any preferred piece of software and hardware you always go to?

Ableton Live, Native Instrument Massive, FabFilter Pro Q, Virus TI, Moog Sub 37.

You have a busy year ahead of you. What’s your ultimate goal with this project?

My ultimate goal is to keep evolving and developing my sound, connecting to the biggest audience I can. I am also starting a party brand project whose ultimate goal will be to bring my partner and I’s party vision around the world.

Thanks for the chat!

Connect with Stiv Hey: Facebook | SoundCloud

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