Q&A and 6AM Guest Mix: Tahko

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 15, 2019

Q&A and 6AM Guest Mix: Tahko

Tahko has been around in the underground techno scene for some years now and has made a huge impression on numerous artists and events.

With his passionate love for music, he takes the audience on a journey into his own world with a fusion of grooves with deep hypnotic rhythms. So far, he has performed at Tresor, Tomorrowland, Day-On Festival, Kompass Klub, Verknipt, Thuishaven, Labyrinth Club, Decadance, Welcome To The Future, Toffler and ADE Amsterdam, at times alongside some of the world’s techno best such as Industrialyzer, Marco Bailey, Flug, Cari Lekebusch, Gary Beck, Charlotte de Witte and many more.

Tahko’s productions have been released on Coincidence Records, Naked Lunch Records, Distortus Music, Eclipse Recordings to name a few. We saw it fitting to speak to the talented Amsterdam-based producer and DJ as he delivers this week’s 6AM Guest Mix.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Tahko, how is your 2019 going so far this year? Tell us a little bit about what you’ve been up to between the studio and shows.

Thank you for having me. I’ve been creating a lot of stuff, hibernating in the studio. A lot will never see the light of day (laughs) but that’s part of the process. I will be releasing some tracks independently, part of a project I’m working on now called “tales.”

The first track might be premiered here at 6AM… so keep an eye out. Besides that I have some very cool gigs coming up; De Marktkantine with Nicole Moudaber, Shelter, Welcome To The Future Festival, Verknipt Festival, Wish Outdoor and a new night in Leiden called Bunkr with my homie VNTM Live.

Amsterdam has a long history of electronic music culture, who were some of your early influences while growing up and how did you eventually evolve into the music and sound you now play and produce?

Well I listened to a lot of different artists, I was a proper metalhead in my teens. Korn, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Soulfly, Ill Nino, Limp Bizkit are my influences. It’s metal with a lot of samples used in the tracks, I used to listen to a lot of electronic music as well. Names like Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Faithless, acts like that… it was pretty late I got introduced to minimal and techno by a friend Ruben Hail. He sadly passed away but he gave me the sound I use today.

What excites you most about the current state of the electronic music industry in Amsterdam?

It’s constantly evolving; we are losing clubs at the moment while new concepts are popping up. New names come and others go, it’s never boring. I moved here 6 years ago to chase a dream, that was the best decision I ever made.  The city gave me all the tools and chances I needed to grow and evolve as an artist.

Which artists are you in to at the moment?

I’m in love with Truncate and Flug, they inspire me a lot. But also names like Heiko Laux, Steve Rachmad, Ben Klock, Stef Mendisidis, Joel Mull and so many more.

What best describes your sound during a DJ set?

Well I play a bit up tempo, around 133 bpm, but I always want to maintain a certain groove in my sets. I need rhythms and I want the ladies to dance as well. A bit stripped down and a lot of polyrhythms and 16th notes.

You need to feel it in your stomach. Think this describes it a bit, of course listening to my sets is the best way to experience what I’m trying to bring to the audience.

What are some advice and insight you can give to someone who is starting out new as a DJ/producer?

Don’t rush, stay patient and have a long term vision. Disappointments and setbacks are part of the process. Are you in it for the shine or for the love of music? Cause if you are in it for the shine you’ll get disappointed real quickly. It’s hard work and a hard industry. You need to love what you do and be prepared to make sacrifices along the way. Both feet on the ground, stay true to yourself.

Do you have a routine for your studio time or do you mostly go with the flow based on your days?

I used to be in the studio at night cause I always thought that I was more inspired at night. Nowadays, I’m a little bit older and wiser and found out if you work during the day you get a lot more shit done.

Amsterdam is a global destination and certainly true for electronic music. What are the top 3 restaurants you would recommend for visitors to try when visiting the city next time?

I really like the Mata Hari, it’s at the red light district. Special beers a nice lunch and dinner menu with affordable prices.

The Roast Room in the southern part of the city. Sorry for all vegans but they have the best steak in the world!!

And if you want something typical Amsterdamish, go and eat a “Broodje Kroket” at Van Dobben at the Reguliers Dwarsstraat, next to Rembrandt Square. This is as local as you can get! It was founded in 1945 and a bit hidden for the tourists. I love the “saté kroket” on a bun. Try it, you’ll love it

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