INSPIRED: Instrumentalists Duo Gioli & Assia

Gioli & Assia
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
August 05, 2022

INSPIRED: Instrumentalists Duo Gioli & Assia

Your favorite artists inspire you, but who inspires them? INSPIRED asks leading names in house and techno to share people who’ve inspired them and why. This installment of INSPIRED welcomes Giolì and Assia. A duo hailing from Palermo, Italy, who are instrumentalists, singer/songwriters, DJs, and label owners that create genreless sonics entirely on their own.

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As one of the most innovative and captivating acts in dance music, they have taken the world by storm recently with their live performances and impeccable productions. And, as Members of the LGBTQ+ community, their union as a couple is the foundation upon which they have built their musical duo.

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Watch: Giolì and Assia “I’ll Be Fine” (Official Video) – Ultra Records

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Paul Kalkbrenner

Paul Kalkbrenner was one of the first names in the underground dance world who inspired us to pursue this musical career. In particular, his songs “Sky and Sand” and “Feed Your Head” inspired us to write songs and produce.

Gioli & Assia

Photo credit: @stianfoss


We have always been fascinated by the way he denounces important themes through his lyrics, but accompanies them with productions and music that are always very full of energy and rhythm.

Gioli & Assia

Photo credit: @lydie.bonhomme

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Florence + The Machine

Her voice, her lyrics, and her songs create atmospheres full of magic and grit. We like the sweetness of her voice and how often she writes lyrics using metaphors.

Gioli & Assia

Photo credit: @rhysframpton

Black Coffee

We both enjoy listening to afro-house, and we love how Black Coffee blends deep lyrics with the sounds of electronic afro.

Gioli & Assia

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