In Interview with Yamil

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 31, 2019

In Interview with Yamil

The young but impressive Madorasindahouse Records hits a superb seventh release with Yamil the man behind the beats. He is a Spaniard who has been delivering plenty of slick deep house on labels like Deeperfect and elrow Music and impresses once more here.

Opening track “Amaru” is a deep rolling tune with splashing hits and distant bird calls lending it a tropical feel. “KwaZulu” is another hugely atmospheric cut with loose percussion and enchanting grooves taking you deep. It’s warm and has great female vocal sounds stitched in so will be perfect for cosier dance floors. Last of all “Triber” ups the ante with more driven drums and great synth sequences stepping up and down the chords.

All in all then, this is a fantastic new EP, which made us curious to get talking with Yamil to find out more about who he is, and what he has been up to.

Introduce yourself and tell our readers some background about you?

Hello there! my name is Yamil, I born and raised in Spain and I started in the music about 12 years ago. Nowadays my music has been played at the best clubs and festivals in the world which honestly is something I could never imagine. Also, big names such as Solomun, Black Coffee, Nicole Moudaber or Luciano have played my records. I have been lucky enough to play and take my music around the world in countries like Lebanon, Chile, Turkey, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Morocco, Venezuela and of course around Europe (Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Uk or Spain).

What’s good and bad in your world right now, what’s making you happy or sad?

Right now my world is surrounded by my family, my girlfriend, my friends and of course my music, that’s all that makes me happy right now. I’m always inspired to keep creating but when one of these factors fails everything gets worse and the inspiration usually disappears and everything looks dark so I can say that these are the pillars of my life.

What is the Spanish scene like? What sounds are fresh and exciting?

Actually, I think that Spain is a great incubator of international talent in all kinds of genres and especially in electronic. Here we have amazing artists whom I admire and recommend as: Pablo Fierro, German Brigante, Upercent, Affkt, M.E. M. O, Pional…
I can see that most of the electronic artists develop their careers outside Spain, both the ones I’ve mentioned above and myself included. I think that in spite of all the amazing artists, there is still a lot of work left to achieve a solid scene, starting with supporting each other and joining together to grow as an “industry”.

Does the local scene influence you? Do you think your music has a Spanish flavour?

To be honest, today I do not feel identified by the Spanish scene, in almost all undergrounds clubs in the peninsula takes that “Tech” sound that is very similar to what I disassociated myself long ago as I consider that music should evolve and everyone should look for their own sound. Anyway, I must admit that here we have amazing exceptions, big projects and avant-garde clubs that bet on a purer and real sound away from fashions, fortunately! (laughs)

What gear do you have in the studio? Are you passionate about the tools you use?

I’m a producer who loves both sides, I love jam, invent, research, working with “VST” to using analogue synthesizers or recording real instruments and combining all together. I love to be able to use all the tools that technology puts at our disposal as they give me a lot of versatility.

In my studio I actually work with Logic X to sequence, make arrangements, mix etc… for rhythms I use TR-8 from Roland and Volca Beats, for the Basses I use Moog Sub37, Novation Bass Station 2 and Volca Bass “for more acid sounds”. For melodies, I love the sound of Juno106 (I use the Boutique version) and Volca Keys. In reference of VST, I can say that what I use the most is: Maschine, Kontakt and Reaktor of NI and SEM and MINIMOOG of Arturia. I also use a lot the native synths of “logic” because they are the ones I started with and the ones I use with more workflow. I would like to have more machines but step by step, I will need to expand my studio until the kitchen first!

Tell us about your new Amaru EP on Madorasindahouse – what inspired it?

Amaru EP was created in an inverse way to the order of the EP, the first one I finished was “Triber”, which came from messing with a series of percussions and the Arturia Minimoog with which I made the main synth, the rest of the elements were very easy to create as I entered the atmosphere from the beginning and everything flowed.

Then came “Kwazulu”, my favorite song of the EP as it has only about 15 tracks and it sounds very solid, is a track that you have to listen calm from start to end to understand and enjoy it.

“Amaru”, the main track of the EP emerged from a morning testing pianos and percussions on top of a voice I had reserved, was this kind of song that was created very fast, in about 4 days it was finished. I feel it transmits peace, good energy, and tranquility, good vibes. Every time I play it, I can connect my body with my mind, I think it’s a track I’ll never get tired of.

Do you write music with a certain time or place or dance floor in mind?

I need to make music according to how I feel, according to what I need at that moment, I think that inspiration must be motivated and that’s why I do in the moment what my soul feels and needs. Is the best way to flow and work safely and without blocking myself, I can not go against the tide.

The days I’m not in the studio I love to listen to all kinds of music and many genres that influence and inspire me but when I go to the studio I don’t like to listen to any music before, I like to be focused on what’s mine, on my ideas.

What’s most important as a DJ to you – educating, edifying, showing the crowd new tunes for just pumping that party?

For me the most important thing is to convey feelings, that people get to understand your story on each set and give them something they did not expect, I think the artist’s work is to offer something new. if that is achieved, everything else goes ahead and as in consequence it educates, enriches and obviously makes you have fun.

What else have you got coming up or are you working on?

I have a lot of new music, I was working in the studio through the winter with no stop, so about my next releases I can reveal that soon I have a new EP confirmed in Solar Distance which included Uner’s remix. One single confirmed in Moblack (My favorite afro-house label) and more things that you will see through labels like Radiant, Nulu or Lndkhn. Also, this year I will be playing in countries like Turkey, Morocco, Spain and many exciting things that we will be announcing soon.

What is your ideal party, set time, venue, crowd?

My ideal party could be day or night, on the beach or in the city, but it would have to be surrounded by friends and great people (no matter much or little) but they have to love and enjoy real music and be ready for an experience and let themselves be carried away by sweet sounds made from the heart. In short. For my ideal party does not matter the place or the size, only the connection with the music and the good company matters.

Thank you Yamil!

Thanks 6AM for having me, see you soon!

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