In Interview with Tim Engelhardt: Remixing Trentemøller During Lockdown

Tim Engelhardt Trentemøller
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 28, 2021

In Interview with Tim Engelhardt: Remixing Trentemøller During Lockdown

Continuing the celebrations surrounding Poker Flat’s 20th year in operation, we are treated to another sublime rework of a back catalogue treasure, this time featuring a Tim Engelhardt remix of the classic track “Moan” from Danish polymath Trentemøller.

Featuring the vocal talents of Ane Trolle, the track was originally released in 2007, in what could be described as one of Trentemøller’s many splendid tracks. The reinterpretation from Tim Engelhardt is the perfect mix of Trentemøller’s instinct for sleek hooks with his own savvy, slinky tech house. The full version features Trolle’s timeless vocals, and there’s also an instrumental version for the DJs.

We spoke with Tim Engelhardt about his reinterpretation of this iconic Trentemøller track, and much more.


Thanks for speaking with us Tim. Are you feeling optimistic about the year ahead?

Thank you for having me. Yes, I am optimistic about the year in general and the possibilities it will offer for all of us.

We last spoke to you back in 2017 in the middle of a US tour. That must feel like a lifetime ago now… do you have any tentative plans to get back on the road?

Actually, no. Gigs are not on my mind these days, but I’m looking forward to the day they will be on the agenda again!

For us it seems like a lack of gigs has really spurred people on in the studio, and that we’ve already begun to see an influx of amazing, and perhaps more considered electronic music than ever before. Is that your experience? Or is that over simplifying things a little?

Well, my experience was similar, but I’m not spending more time in the studio than before the pandemic. I’ve always been a studio person and really enjoy completing tasks and projects.

You released your Idiosynkrasia album last year. Did it feel strange to put out a ‘dance’ music album in the middle of a pandemic?

It was indeed an unusual experience and I thought about delaying it more, but then again, restricting people from developing a relationship with the record felt even more odd and so I wanted to make it available. I’ve had very good feedbacks and reactions to it, fortunately I was even able to premiere the album in New York with my last gig before the pandemic for Cityfox Experience in late February.

What have your personally found hardest about the last 12 months or so of restrictions?

Not being able to meet my friends as I’ve wanted to, not being in clubs was a huge factor as well, but I’m thankful for all the sleep deprivation I didn’t have for the past few months, so at least a small plus in that aspect.

Tell us about your remix of “Moan” – were you a fan of the original?

The original is an important song to me and I’ve been listening to this one a lot over the past years, so it was quite an honor to produce this remix and I’ve had lots of fun (as well as moments of frustration) doing it.

How do you approach tackling a remix of a record that’s loved by so many people?

I think the secret lies in having a relation to the record as well and not just treating it like an ordinary piece of music that you’re commissioned to remix, but rather, as an art piece that you’ve had the pleasure of listening to many times and now having the chance to put your fingers on it. Then, it instantly becomes a precious project and the way you approach decisions is entirely different and more meaningful. Also, with this particular project, there is Trentemoeller’s own, outstanding remix that I took care of not repeating. I wanted the original’s synth line to appear in a different context to how it appears in his own remix, so that was another factor I kept in mind while writing this one.

How do you think your sound has changed over the years that you have been producing, if at all?

I don’t think it’s changed much, I’ve always had my way of doing and approaching things and I still stick to that, while also implementing new knowledge that I’ve acquired.

What’s your studio set up like? Lots of hardware or mostly in the box type kit?

It’s mostly in the box these days, I do use a medium-sized modular system and an Elektron Octatrack, but that’s about it. I’m thinking about adding a Moog One in the future, but I feel very comfortable with what I use at the moment.

What else do you have coming up over the coming months?

I’ve written a new EP for Watergate Records, there’s also a track coming on Crosstown Rebels / Rebellion and I’ve gathered some lovely remixes from friends for my recent album on Stil Vor Talent, which will release sometime soon. I’m working on new records for Poker Flat and other labels too, I think 2021 is going to be exciting for me musically.

Finally, as someone who was identified at quite a young age as having an incredible amount of talent, is there anyone else in the next generation that we should be keeping an eye on?

Imperieux is a really good young producer, definitely one to watch out for.

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