Theo Schmitt follows up his 2017 debut album with his vision of forward thinking electronic music. Intoxication embraces Theo’s trademark sound and long musical history.

His deep routed techno passion is a mainstay throughout Intoxication. From the opening glitchy soundscape of “Beat Trip”, you are immediately locked into a captivating soundscape from the get go. The dub chords and trippy vocals drifting through “Stomp The Dub” instantly take you from the downtempo vibes of “Beat Trip” and straight to the dance floor. So High ups the energy and melodic content as Theo starts to delve deeper into his sonic content. This is mirrored by the off key and grittiness of “Gegengift”.

At this stage of the album you can start to understand the journey ensuing. At mid point “Russisch Roulette” hits at full force, as you can hear from our premiere today. Upping the tempo, this is Intoxication’s peak techno moment. We drift into a rework of Theo’s biggest track from his debut album. “Technorausch (Modern Moog Mix)” is a flawless twist on the original, as it pulses with the infectious 303 and diving rhythms. The “Beauty & The Chord” merges the techno energy from the previous two tracks, whilst adding old school flare and dub elements as we transition into the end of journey. “Good Times” is a perfect ending to Intoxication.

All of Theo’s soundscapes blend perfectly as we finish on a melodic high, and as we take the opportunity to grab a quick chat with the producer/DJ to learn more about the album.

Hi Theo, how has your summer been so far?

I have had a very relaxing summer. I have been able to spend plenty of quality time with my family and also focus on creating new music.

I was privileged enough to hear your upcoming Intoxication LP and I have to say, congratulations! It’s a beautiful piece of work. How long has this been in the works?

To be honest I have to admit that the album was made relatively fast!
I am always producing new things and I experiment a lot in the studio. The album was completed in about three months. Some songs were ideas that I had been creating since the release of my debut album ‘The Game’.

I always like to create an albums over a single or Ep because i can show all the facets I love. Re:Sound Music have given me a home to do this.

What is the goal with this LP? Are you hoping to communicate something in particular, or to convey specific emotions to your fans and listeners?

My Music is less focused on a specific message and more for the Dancefloor. I always try to make a sound that makes me shake my head in the studio and create an atmosphere I can see working in nightclubs. I would say my sound leans towards a darker side of techno. I try to add a sprinkle of melancholy to my music.

What would you say your influences were behind these tracks?

I live in Frankfurt and the music scene here is a heavy influence. Especially the Techno Scene from the late 90s of the early 2000s. Sven Väth, Anthony Rother and Johannes Heil have all created sounds that have fascinated / influenced me a lot over the years.

I imagined you had to pick and choose which tracks would be a part of this EP. How did you choose the 8 that finally made the cut?

When I finish an individual song, I am not showing it to everyone. I listen to the song again and again. In the car, in the studio and other environments. If it still pleases me after several weeks or months, then I’ll give the song a little more attention and possibly improve it or it will be as good as it is. Then the song makes it into my selection. I think it is important to be satisfied with the production, otherwise you will look back on your releases at some point and realize that you do not like half of what you have released. For me this terrible thought!

With ‘Intoxication’ I sent a selection of tracks to Re:Sound Music, and we discussed what songs would make up the album. There was originally more, but I feel the album flows well from start to end with the eight selected sand the order they are in.

This is a true journey of an album. Does it mirror how you would perform in front of a crowd?

Definitely yes. Of course, it always depends on when and how long I can play.

Who are some up-and-coming producers you personally enjoy these days?

I like so much music from from emerging artists right now. Christopher Kah, Sascha Rydell, Mike Dehnert or Djedjotronic, are really just a few Names that comes to mind.

Do you have any other releases lined up for the rest of 2019?

Two tracks from the album will become single releases with remixes in the last quarter of the year.

I am always experimenting and interesting things always emerge.
It’s just a great fun to try new combinations. I rarely work with the same sounds or samples. With all the software synths and effects, the possibilities are endless. From the whole hardware production I have taken a step back at the moment. Not because I don’t like it, but rather for lack of space. I think my current studio setup without hardware gives me the best workflow.

Theo Schmitt’s Intoxication LP is now out on ReSound Music and available HERE

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