In Interview with Rene Amesz: The Toolroom Love Story

Rene Amesz - Toolroom
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 18, 2020

In Interview with Rene Amesz: The Toolroom Love Story

Mark Knight and label regular Rene Amesz recently released their latest collab All 4 Love on Toolroom Records. The artists last collaborated with their big impactful single “Live Stream” alongside Green Velvet (2017) which has gone on to achieve more than 3 Million + global streams. Mark Knight comes hot off the back of the lockdown anthem “If It’s Love” which not only went viral socially, but continues to stream impressive numbers globally.

Mark and Rene have gone back to their soulful roots on All 4 Love, utilising the classic bassline and sax riff from Brick’s ‘Living From Your Mind’ meaning the house heads out there will be able to connect instantly, but also due to its instant appeal the younger generation will appreciate it’s creative vibe at the same time.

6AM chats with Rene Amesz to dive deeper into the love relationship he has with Toolroom, a label he has been so prolific on, as well as what he has been up to since COVID took over the world.

Hi Rene… welcome to 6AM. How are you doing?

I’m doing great thank you. Despite the Coronavirus messing up things pretty bad I’m all fine. I’m healthy. My family is healthy and I’m studying Data Analytics just to be sure I have some diplomas in case this period, without being able to DJ, takes too long.

That’s a smart move. We read in a previous interview that you would make any music “except trance or hardcore”… does that still stand? Or could you be persuaded??

(laughs) I don’t remember this interview. At this moment I would only produce the music I love. House / tech-house / techno that is!

You’ve been making music for some time now… what would you say has been the biggest change to your process over the time you’ve been producing?

Talking about my workflow nothing has ever changed. I’ve been working 8 hours per day in the studio for over 15 years now. Also the way I make my music is still the same except for the software updates here and there. (laughs)

What has changed is my vision of my job. The way I see it all. Years back I was so busy with how I was performing and what choices I made compared to other artists. I wanted to be the best and I wanted to be everybody’s friend. Nowadays I don’t really give a fuck! As long as we have food on our plates I’m good!

You have a long relationship with both Toolroom and Mark Knight – what makes them a label you keep going back to?

I’ve been involved with Toolroom for about 15 years now. My remix for Mark’s ‘Party Animal’ was my first tune I released on Toolroom. I’m sure I have released more tracks on the label than all Toolroom artists, almost 40 releases.

Says enough I think!

Tell us about the new collab with Mark… when did you make it and how was the recording process?

It started as a bootleg. I used this sample from Brick with ‘Living From The Mind’. I played it lots of times and thought it would be a nice idea to try to release it but it needed much work. I got stuck with it but Toolroom wanted to release it. It needed extra work on basically every aspect of the track. I asked Mark if he was up to work on it together. So I sent the parts. The sample was already replayed so that was all done. Mark took everything to his studio and worked on the music and beats a bit more and turned it into an even bigger tune. The only thing that was missing was an original vocal. Tasty Lopez jumped in and wrote some amazing toplines. And there it was, ‘All 4 Love’ was born.

How much are you currently missing performing live?

To be honest!!?? Not at all! I’ve been DJing for over 20 years now. I see it as a nice sabbatical. I know the cause for this sabbatical isn’t really a nice thing, so stay safe please everyone!!! I do hope we can go to work soon though!

Do you have any bookings in the pipeline?

Nothing except some postponed festivals in Holland that got canceled this summer.

With clubs around the world pretty much closed, what purpose do you think club/dance music can currently serve?

Just for the radio at home or at work or in your car basically? We as artists still release music just to keep our name up high for the time we have a vaccine ready. Releasing club tunes to earn a full salary is a utopia in my genre.

What else do you have coming up this year?

I got another EP called ‘Deep Down’ on Toolroom which is a collab between me and DiVine from The Netherlands. Besides this, a new release on my label Art Reap Music is coming up in December or so.

Finally, what’s your tip for a record released this year that didn’t get the attention it deserved?

Definitely my EP on Art Reap called ‘Everybody’. Because my label is still small it didn’t get the attention it deserved. I’m a lazy fook……I don’t even promote my tunes on Art Reap Music. I just put them out. (laughs)

Mark Knight & Rene Amesz All 4 Love is out on Toolroom and available HERE

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