In Interview with Pfirter: Studio Collaborations, Back-To-Back Sets and the Evolution of MindTrip

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 19, 2020

In Interview with Pfirter: Studio Collaborations, Back-To-Back Sets and the Evolution of MindTrip

For the past fifteen years Argentinian-born, Barcelona-based producer Juan Pablo Pfirter has been pushing a sound that is undeniably steely, dark and uplifting, true to the founding principles of the techno’s tetramorph but eager to throw his own vanguard, personal touch into the mix.

At the end of 2019, the label boss was talking about a busy year ahead for MindTrip and now we know exactly what he had in mind.

Fresh and new collaborative projects will debut on the label in 2020, starting with Pfirter’s powerful shared EP with Oliver Rosemann who is no stranger to the world of MindTrip. Together they go as dark as they feel across 4 impressive cuts on their Alpha release, blending peak time-intensity with Industrial grooves and dark side body music their own way.

Alpha becomes the first of multiple collaborative concepts that will expand further over the year, with 2020 looking to truly be one of the busiest years for both MindTrip and label chief Pfirter.

6AM chats with Pfirter to learn more about what’s in store for him and his label in the coming months…

Hi Juan Pablo, nice getting to speak to you! How is 2020 so far for you, seems like a busy start of the year right?

Hi! I can’t complain, I had the pleasure of having some nice shows and trips and there’s much going on music-wise!

Got my hands on your collab EP with Oliver, great stuff! How did you two meet?

We actually never met in person! I didn’t do that many collaborations in the past and this is certainly the first time I work with someone that I never met before, but it wasn’t necessary with Oliver; I’ve been playing his music for a long time and after some time of emailing back and forth, it felt natural to have some fun making tracks together.

How was it working on these tracks with him? 

We worked remotely as he lives in Liepzig and I’m in Barcelona. The workflow focused on him working on loops and myself adding and editing sounds and working on the arrangement side mainly.

What makes a good studio partner for a collab?

A similar vision and mission.

I imagine it is different than a b2b partner for DJ sets? How so?

It can be a bit different, yes. For both type of collaborations, it’s important to share a vision of things, but I believe that the human aspect takes a bigger impact during b2b DJ sets as they are happening live in front of an audience… so I think there’s extra chemistry needed for b2b sessions.

Do you have any other collaborations in the pipeline for 2020?

I’m going to release some more music with Oliver during this year, as well as a second collaboration with Pär Grindvik — the first one just came out on Leyla Records.

How about on the label, any exciting collabs that you will be featuring this year?

There’s really exciting new music coming out on MindTrip during this year.

Besides our Alpha EP with Mr. Rosemann, there will be a split EP between me and a good friend from Belgium! (winks!)

There’s also great records on the way by PTTRN, Nørbak, Translate & Pulso and more!

Would love to talk a bit about the label with you. What were the goals for MindTrip when you launched the imprint and what are they now?

The goal has always been the same: releasing and sharing music from myself and from artists that I enjoy playing records from. Over the years we’ve got more professional (hopefully) and more dedicated to the label, but the goal will always remain the same.

Where do you see the label heading into the next 5 years?

Hopefully bringing A LOT of new and interesting music!

Is there an artist you’d love to have release on the label someday?

There’s so many that I don’t know where to start…

I know you’re now based out of Europe but if you don’t mind, I’d love to talk about your home country of Argentina. How would you describe the techno scene back home?

It’s great! One of the most energetic crowds in the world. Sadly, the law focused on the wrong side of things as usual, so it’s quite complicated to run music nights in Argentina right now, and the economy doesnt help, but promoters find their way.

What are some of your favorite venues to play in Argentina?

Cocoliche and Under Club have been the best parties in Buenos Aires for me, in the past 15 years. Let’s go with those, but there’s more for sure!

If I were to visit Buenos Aires, would you have any recommendations on what to see, where to eat?

The areas of Palermo, Recoleta, Tigre and Puerto Madero are the first ones that comes to mind. Argentina is famous for meat, but as a land of Italian descendants, you should certainly try pizza and pasta!

Finally a question from your fans here in the States, are you planning a U.S. tour any time soon?

I just returned from USA and had a fantastic night at Unter, in Brooklyn. I’ll hopefully be back soon!

Pfirter & Oliver Rosemann Alpha EP is out on MindTrip on February 28th

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