In Interview with Orlando Voorn

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 27, 2019

In Interview with Orlando Voorn

Calgary artist SageThaCat returns to Moonlight Records on the Work EP wielding two techno tracks inspired by classic 4×4 culture, with accompanying remixes by Orlando Voorn and Mark Adam.

SageThaCat takes the deep textures he introduced on 2018’s For You down a more peak-time oriented path lined with vocal samples, sequencer-styled pulses, and irresistible hi-hats.

“The most anticipated local artist of the year” – Moonlight

The title track “Work” is a homage to techno’s original inner-city rawness. Percussion is front and centre, with the first half of the song being dominated by unrelenting hi-hats, chord stabs, and an infectious bassline. After the breakdown, the track ascends into a new level of frenzy with pulsating digital notes reminiscent of old school hardware sequencers.

“Dizzy” ventures into darker and more hypnotic territory with an atmosphere built around grittiness and subtlety. Crisp hi-hats and snares are its foundation, while digitally augmented strings fade in and out from behind the low, heavy bassline. The rugged character of the track is further cemented by movie samples, lining the intro and breakdown, of a commanding voice shouting “Are you dizzy blud?”

Following his remix of Funk D’Void’s All Your Shit released in June on Moonlight, Orlando Voorn uses his remix of “Work” to keep the spirit of funk going. His rendition takes the original into a definitive house direction with horns, lush organs, and organic percussion. New vocal samples have also been added, giving this track a completely different atmosphere while preserving the rawness and energy.

The already minimalist nature of “Dizzy” created the perfect template for Mark Adam, a local favourite of Calgary known for his percussive and stripped-down brand of techno. His remix puts an industrial spin on the original, plunging it into a computerized soundscape marked by futuristic and carefully warped instrumentation. Like the original, it remains dance floor-oriented with a driving, resonant bassline and layers of percussion.

On top of premiering his remix, we had a chat with Orlando in honor of this special release, which you can find on Beatport HERE.

Hi Orlando, Thanks for chatting to us today. How are you? Having a good summer?

I am doing fine thank you.

Where are you based at the moment?

I am based in Atlanta, Georgia

Your latest comes in the form of a remix on Moonlight Records, what process do you use when approaching a remix?

I go with the flow and put my stamp on it. My workflow can start in different ways but most likely I start with the sounds first and then add drums. But most of all it needs to groove if it’s a dance product.

You have decades of experience, what main factors would you say have changed in the industry?

A lot has changed for the good the bad and the ugly. Technology and the internet has a lot to do with these changes. It is way easier now to start up as a producer or DJ but it is less easy to gain attention. Followers on social media is now the thing. You need 100 thousands of them to be taken “seriously.” Back in the day we spent crazy money to even start a studio. While today it can all be done from one source.

What else do you have planned for the rest of the year?

A lot …there are numerous of 12 inches coming out on various underground labels. Furthermore there is going to be some power collabs with Kevin Saunderson, Fabrice Lig and Paul Donton. There are 2 albums on the way as well.

What kind of gear are you using in the studio?

I use a Macbook pro, keyboard controller, speakers..all I need.

Can you tell us a little bit about your favorite ever gig?

The fav gig was most likely the first DMC championships in the UK. I had a standing ovation and the place was massive. I came third there and it was in 1986.

You have a string of aliases you have used throughout your impressive career is there a particular reason you have done this?

Yes, I have done that so that I could bring out a lot of product and styles of music. This kinda worked against me in the beginning but then magazines started recognizing all the output. And when I came back from Detroit and having met and worked with all of the first wave.

Who are your favourite artists to listen to at the moment? At home? and in the club? Thanks for your time.

I really don’t go to the club but when I play somewhere I like it to be a mixture of styles. Favorite artist at the moment? (thinks)
I don’t have any favorite one right now, I produce a lot of music so barely check things unless they fall on my path.

Thank you for the chat!


1. Work
2. Dizzy
3. Work (Orlando Voorn Remix)
4. Dizzy (Mark Adam Remix)

Catalogue number MNL037
Release Date: 31st July
Distributor: Label Worx

SageTheCat’s Work EP is out on Moonlight Records and available on Beatport