In Interview with Moscoman

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 17, 2019

In Interview with Moscoman

Son of Israel, proprietor of record label Disco Halal and an increasingly influential figure in alternative club culture over the past few years, Moscoman has long been dancing to the beat of his own drum. From his beginnings across the dive bars of Tel Aviv, bridging the myriad sounds of his homeland with alien electronic excursions from much further afield, to his current success doing much of the same to ever-widening audiences, the musical boundaries of Moscoman have long since blurred, evolving only forward, effortlessly bridging the gap between new-wave, house, techno, trance and a sound increasingly all of his own.

For evidence of man like Mosco’s studio prowess, not to mention his seemingly limitless imagination, look to 2017’s ‘Treisar’, an ambitious project that saw no less than eight individual Moscoman EPs arrive on vinyl in less than twelve months. Each showcasing a different idea, tempo and flavour, the still-to-be-completed series provided unexpected anthems that snuck up on dancefloors just as the next edition rolled out of the pressing plant and disappeared from shelves.

In parallel with his restless studio experimentation, a relentless touring schedule has taken Moscoman across the world from his native Israel and current home in Berlin to Asia, America and across Europe, adapting but never altering his sound for festival gigs and impressing with an ambitious live set at Primavera Sound and DGTL. Still, it’s when left alone to orchestrate sweat-drenched, open-minded, open-hearted dancefloors that Moscoman’s musical idealism and years of skill best harmonise into something special.

One of these upcoming special moments is the upcoming Diynamic Festival , which Moscoman has been invited to play for the first time. After the huge success of Diynamic festival 2018 and of course the most recent ADE showcase, the Diynamic family returns to Amsterdam for the seventh Diynamic Festival in 2019.

We caught up with Moscoman to talk about his relationship with Diynamic and to discuss what he has planned for 2019.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How has 2019 been for you so far?

2019 has been great so far, spent a month in Japan, another in the US. I’ve eased into it, looking forward to what’s coming – thanks for asking!

We’ve seen you’ve been invited to play the Diynamic Festival in Amsterdam this year. How much are you looking forward to it?

Diynamic is a new family for me so i’m super excited to get with everyone in one space. It’s the best way to get to learn more about the people in the agency, label and most importantly the diynamic crowd!

In previous editions artists who are not signed to the label were not invited, this year Diynamic has invited artists beyond the roster, how do you think this affects the festival?

I really don’t have an opinion on it, except that i’m happy i’m part of it either way. i’m sure its gonna be a great party.

What is your relationship with Solomun and the Diynamic crew?

We’ve met a few times, spend some real quality time together, super happy to have met him personally and see the man behind the legend. The Diynamic crew as well, super honest hard working people exactly as you can imagine and as i prefer to work with.

What projects are you working on this year, anything upcoming exclusively with Diynamic?

Upcoming soon is actually a release on Life and Death, but then my sole focus is on my next Album, expect good things!

Besides your own music on the imprint, what’s a favourite track of yours that’s been released by the label?

Tough question! Wow, there are so many, lately i’m flying on Atlas and any Artbat tunes.

The Diynamic sounds is a unique one, and one that’s being championed by several artists in the electronic sphere – how did you first get involved with the label?

I was asked to send demos for them , the rest is history! I’m happy i managed to keep my style and be a cool addition to the Label’s catalog.

Besides the Diynamic Festival, what else do you have planned for the Summer?

So many things, one highlight would be a Solomun +1 gig in Ibiza which I’m super looking fwd to. Other than that there are some cool festivals, and mostly I want to enjoy the sun – it’s been a super cold winter! See you on the beach!

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