Drumcode’s Mark Reeve Debuts New Project ‘Breathe,’ Talks Finding Balance in Trying Times

Mark Reeve Breathe
Author : Nadia Shamsedin
August 28, 2021

Drumcode’s Mark Reeve Debuts New Project ‘Breathe,’ Talks Finding Balance in Trying Times

Techno veteran Mark Reeve needs no introduction. A longtime contributor to Adam Beyer‘s Drumcode Records, Reeve debuts his stunning new eight-track mini-album Breathe on the powerhouse label. Following a slew of critically acclaimed single and EP releases on Drumcode over the course of his esteemed decade-long career – the last of which came in the form of his mammoth Distance EP back in February 2020 – Breathe marks Mark Reeve’s most extensive musical opus on the legendary Stockholm-based imprint, and goes a long way in showcasing the inexhaustible creativity of one of the most prolific and original artists in techno today.

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A career-defining moment for Reeve, Breathe has extraordinary allure and maintains the impressive quality of engaging the listener from the very start. A rich and complex body of work, the stunning eight-tracker goes far beyond Mark’s trademark transcendental crowd-pleasers, encompassing lilting moments of euphoric ambiance alongside a sundry offering of full-throttle warehouse juggernauts and ravey breakbeat cuts. Mark recently sat down with 6AM to discuss his new album and the current state of the music scene in his home base of Germany.

Hey Mark, and welcome to 6AM! How are you?

Great, thank you! Hope you guys are also well.

Where are you right now?

I am in the UK at the moment. Unfortunately, I had some bad news about a family member and had to travel back from Germany.

We’re already eight months into 2021 and time is flying. How has this year been for you so far?

It has been a packed and heavy year for me, however, there was only one focus and that was to finish off all started projects. I used all the lockdowns to really concentrate on improving my sound and finding new ideas.

You’ve just released your eight-track mini-album Breathe on Drumcode. Congratulations! Can you tell us a bit about the concept and the creative process behind this release?

Well, I do love being in nature and I always try to find a balance between working and relaxing. I really thought about my breathing techniques and started Yoga to keep the bad vibes I sometimes have at bay. It really works and I would recommend giving it a try. ‘Breathe’ was always going to be the name of my next project because it describes it the best.

Mark Reeve Breathe

Mark Reeve courtesy Farb Fin

You have a long history with Drumcode. How did that initially come about?

I can remember Adam always playing an old Cocoon track of mine and then finally asking if I had something for Drumcode. This was back in 2011, so it has been almost 10 Years now.

We’re really loving the artwork, an absolutely stunning piece of work. Is there a story behind that and the name of the album?

Yes, there is! If you look closer you will see that it is a picture of a lung, flowers and all sorts of lovely things. This is going out to all the people that are suffering in these hard times. Also, a family member that I love very much is having a really hard time. This one is for him!

Are you still based in Frankfurt?

Yes I am- and probably will be staying there. Not moving anywhere just yet.

What’s the scene like there right now? Are things looking a little better?

No, not really. Germany is also very strict on parties, therefore I have had a lot of cancellations lately; I think Berlin is now the place to be for techno.
Where can we see you touring over the next few months? Any summer festivals booked in?

There are, but they’re mostly on hold or on option. It’s very difficult with the constant changes of laws, rules and regulations! Looking forward to Drumcode at Warehouse Project, Manchester, October 16th.

Any plans to come to the US any time soon?

We have a couple of options for New York and San Francisco. Also planning for LA, but will see if all this is possible soon.

Do you have any final words for our 6AM readers?

Please still be careful and look after yourself! The virus is still out there and we need to work together to fight it. See you soon and keep raving!

Love, Mark Reeve.

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