In Interview with MANT

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 24, 2019

In Interview with MANT

Underground London duo MANT have kicked off 2019 in style with a landmark new EP titled Higher Self on Solardo’s inimitable Sola label.

Featuring two heady house and techno cuts Higher Self is a bold statement of intent from the pair, whose distinguished house and techno sound has been attracting attention throughout the industry, tipping them for big things in 2019.

2018 was a seismic year for MANT. The duo’s highly respected productions have found their way onto labels like Cr2, Solotoko, Sola, and VIVa Music while their raucous DJ sets left a mark on festivals and clubs up and down the country. 2018 saw the boy’s support from tastemakers grow too, including the likes of Hot Since 82, Jamie Jones, Steve Lawler, Joris Voorn, Claude VonStroke, Nic Fancuilli, and many more.

MANT possess a committed work ethic and drive for all things house and techno, which means it comes as no surprise that 2019 is looking even brighter. Not afraid to hit the ground running, Higher Self marks their first release of the year and does so with hypnotic grooves, acid-inspired melodies and club-ready atmospherics that draw on the pair’s eclectic range of influences.

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! Where in the world are you right now?

We’re in our studio in South West London at the moment.

I lived in London for a while myself when I was a teenager. Which area of the city do you guys hang out in mostly?

All over really, lots of good things going everywhere in London, parties, and clubs mainly in East though.

What is your favorite venue there these days?

Printworks and Studio 338 are two relatively new excellent additions to London’s music scene, the production in Printworks is always bang on!

How do you reckon the scene is doing now after everything that happened with Fabric’s closure threat and the constant battle with gentrification?

Things seem to be better these days, looks like new clubs are opening but in different areas – the 24th FOLD in Canning Town and The Cause in Tottenham for example. Bills such as the Agent of Change are really important in helping UK venues remaining open in the midst of ever-increasing residential development.

You guys had a pretty massive 2018, congratulations. What do you attribute your big year to? Anything, in particular, you think you guys did that paid off?

2018 was good – a couple of tunes did really well, particularly ‘Coming Back’ on Spotify and it was great getting new DJ support from people like Steve Lawler and Jamie Jones. It was also great to make our Ibiza debut with MK and in the UK, Warehouse Project and festivals like Forbidden Forest were highlights.

You’ve received a lot of support from labels and big artists in the last twelve months. Is there anyone in particular whom you were pleased with seeing support what you guys have been working on in the studio?

Continued support from Solardo and their label Sola has been big for us, love working with those guys, Yousef and Circus have also been great.

What’s the craziest or funniest thing that has happened to you guys while out on the road?

ADE is always pretty bizarre

I am sure you guys worked hard in 2018 to lineup some great stuff for this year. Anything you can tell us about?

Watch this space – but we can say there’s a massive official remix of a dance classic, collaborations and more on Sola.

Looking beyond 2018, what are some of the things you guys want to accomplish with your MANT project?

MANT has always been a project about exploration, connecting, personally improving production skills and performance. One of the end goals has always been a live performance.

On a more personal level, what is it that you individually want to achieve in this industry?

I think to be continually inspired by the musical landscape and respect amongst peers are big driving forces.

What has been your toughest moment in this journey and how did you overcome it?

It’s a very saturated market and starting out without contacts it can be difficult to be seen and heard. Not sure about the toughest moment but keeping the positivity going after quite a few rejections can be tough, it’s a test really – I think most of the people that do well are either those with exceptional talent or those who simply don’t stop.

If you could give some key advice to other aspiring DJs and producers out there, what would you say?

Love the music. Go to shows and talk to people including DJ’s and promoters. Learn the craft. Don’t get disheartened when you don’t get what you want first, second or third time around. Read things before you sign them. Be flexible with your mindset.

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