Catching up with Magit Cacoon

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 15, 2020

Catching up with Magit Cacoon

Magit Cacoon is an artist who’s been on our radar for some time — and for good reason too. As prolific in the booth as she is in the studio, the Tel Aviv native has released on some of the scene’s most lauded and special labels, including (but far from limited to), Crosstown Rebels, Knee Deep In Sound, Rebellion, Be As One, Muna Musik, Katermukke and Upon.You.

A real stalwart in the tech house scene, she’s nonetheless been making moves outside of that scene of late, and is someone who’s just as likely to play tough-as-nail techno nowadays as she is more melancholy wonders.

One thing’s for sure, when Magit Cacoon is in the booth, chances are you’ll be brought on a journey that’s equally as exciting as it is wholly unpredictable. And of course, fun. Magit’s latest release sees her perk up as part of a DGTL VA, and it’s safe to say the Amsterdam promoters have made the move to the record label domain with assured results.

In the midst of the lockdown and currently cocooning in her native city, we caught up with her for a quick natter to discuss the track in question — and much more besides…

Where are you right now? Are you in lockdown? How is it?

I’m in Tel Aviv, my hometown, in lockdown. It’s difficult but we need to follow the rules for a better future and better summer.

How will you deal with dance music being shut down for the foreseeable future? What will you do?

Of course, like everyone else I’m afraid about the dance music industry but we need to stay positive and we have to be strong and save the scene. Great times are coming back soon and for now it’s a good time to work on music..

Tell us about growing up in Israel – what was your first exposure to music?

With my dad as a musician, it exposed me to all kind of genres. At the age of 14-15 I discovered electronic music.

When I was young I started to rave and was already collecting music and it was very natural that I found myself behind the decks playing to friends. And then I become a professional DJ!

What were the most important lessons and experiences you had to shape you into the DJ you are? And who is that? A peak time person, quick mixes, long and slow, someone who likes a smooth journey etc?

I felt like I always had my vision of music and I was connected to myself. However, I love to work with friends and share ideas in the studio as that’s something that always inspires me too.

What identity does your music have, what is your musical personality?

I’ve loved playing techno from the beginning. I think with the times I got more deep and melodic as well. Hard to say exactly though!

Tell us about your new one for DGTL – how did you link with them?

I played for them several times and their amazing events in Israel and the connection to the compilation was natural. I’m really pleased with the results with this one!

What inspired the EP? What did you have in mind when writing it?

The inspiration was the Israeli space station… I also called the track ‘Space IL’ and as a tribute the Israeli space program.

What else have you got coming up?

I have my new upcoming label “Mago Music,” some collaborations with friends that will be release this summer..really excited to share with my fans in especially in this times

What will be the first thing you do once lockdown is over?

First thing is going to visit my family as I miss them so much. The second thing is going to the club!

DGTL’s ‘Volume II’ is out 17th April and you can check the release here

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