In Interview with M.F.S: Observatory

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 31, 2019

In Interview with M.F.S: Observatory

Italy born, UK based prolific producers M.F.S: Observatory return with more of their passionate and synth-heavy house tracks on the Smiley Fingers label.

Opener and title track ‘Belly of Biased Beats’ is a busy, bristling house cut with coarse hits and rumbling synths that will get hands in the air. ‘Amev’ is a tribal cut with big vocal chants and chunky tech drums designed to get outdoor crowds on side and shuffling along. ‘Cut Me’ then drops back into house territory with more big, bouncy drums and slapping hits as well as gospel vocal swirls and effects, keys and chords all adding to the sense of energy. Last of all, ‘Liv’ takes you deep into the night on surging techno, with serene chords layered up top and supple, dub kicks get you in the zone.

We aren’t new to M.F.S: Observatory (check out our last feature with the duo HERE), so we felt it was time to grab a quick chat with the Italian duo to learn more about what they’re all about.

How long have the two of you been into music and production?

We discovered our passion for music since when we were teenagers, but our first approach to production started straight after  a massive party we attended in Naples with Loco Dice and many other big international DJ. That is when we fell in love with that kind of genre.

How would you describe your relationship in the studio?

Our relationship in the studio is quite fluid and natural.

We don’t follow any specific rules in the studio, each of us comes with an idea, we discuss the project, and we start the production if we both agreed.

You seem to keep the releases coming at a fast rate, how often are you guys in the studio?

We try to spend as much time as possible in the studio, we are both busy with university and jobs, so in our spare time and especially during the night we try to push our production as much as we can.

When did you start Observatory Music? What plans do you have for the label coming up?

We started our label 3 years ago, with a specific idea to be focused only on our own production, but since last year we have chosen to open up our label to different artists.

A lot of music coming up in the next few months on Observatory Music, next EP will be released by Pazkal (Kittball, Roush) and Nuken (Deeperfect, Little Helpers). The EP includes three remixes from Andre Salmon, Thomas Cerutti and our remix.

Also, we signed new EP and remix from Lubelski, David Jack, Mad Villains and many more, so follow us and you will discover everything.

Your next release on Smiley Fingers is some great Dance Floor Material. How did the release come about? How long did you spend on the EP?

We love the Smiley Fingers sound so we try to follow that specific sound, the EP worked pretty well on the dancefloor, we played last time in Barcelona at My Vision Record Showcase.

We spent a couple of months to finish this EP, the sound is really strange with massive synth and bass, and also the drums are different and not common.

How would you say living in the UK influences your music? If at all?

Living in UK gives us a big inspiration and influence, we live in East London where the music is kind of a religion. Everyday we discover a new specific sound is a new inspiration, so is not by chance that we carry our Tascam with us.

What do you miss about Italy?

What I miss the most is the sound of the sea and nature, that has been my first and always welcomed inspiration. And obviously the food.

What other plans do you have for the rest of the year?

We have a lot of music coming up soon we will do our debut on Percomaniacs in collaboration with Andre Salmon, also we will back on Roush label. In October we will release on UndergroundAudio as well.


1) Belly of Biased Beast
2) Cut Me
3) Liva
4) Amev

M.F.S: Observatory’s Belly of Biased Beast is out August 30th via Smiley Fingers

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