In Interview with LX Music Festival Founder Steve Pimenta

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 27, 2019

In Interview with LX Music Festival Founder Steve Pimenta

Lisbon festival LX Music is all set to bring plenty of quality underground names to the local scene this December, which explains why we selected it as one of 8 key festival escapes you should consider this winter! From 13th-15th, they take over the Pavillion of Parque das Naçoes, which is a vast space on the Tagus River with striking design and stunning views.

Bringing the sounds will be the likes of Paul Kalkbrenner (live), Marcel Dettmann, Art Department, Recondite (live), RØDHÅD, Wehbba and many more, at LX Music you can rely on first rate production given the huge experience of the team behind the festival. LX Music have been putting on these sort of events for more than 15 years now and so really know how to make a good time vibe.

Ahead of that we speak with LX Music Founder and promoter Steve Pimenta for an insight into what to expect.

Tickets & info for LX Music can be found HERE.

LX Music Festival takes place in the beautiful Pavillion of Parque das Naçoes

How are you, how has your year been?

Been great, the best summer ever and the first part of the year was filled with great parties. This weekend our Halloween Festival with Kevin Saunderson, Sigha, Drumcell and Adariana Lopez was super. Just to rename a few artists from the beginning of the year: Fatboy Slim, Radio Slave, Enrico Sangiuliano, Luke Slater, Boys Noize, Sam Paganini and a great Cocoon party with Sven Vath, but many others, We have done from January 30 different events and 28 international guests.

When did you first go dancing and where? What got you into music?

I have always enjoyed going out in Lisbon, in the beginning of 2000 the city had more than 5/6 clubs with great artists playing every weekend. Alcântara was my first club to go out. I always love the ambiance with all the people dancing, loving the music, with closed eyes. The lights, the sound systems and all these experiences have pushed me to start playing as a DJ and the project LX Music started in 2004.

When did you decide you wanted to be a promoter?

In 2004, I started LX Music as an artist collective, I loved the music and my first plan was to be a DJ. Promoting events was the next step.

What was the first party you did? How did it go? How many people turned up?

Our first party was our 1st anniversary with our artist collective. It went well for the first one, 200 people.

200 isn’t bad! What are the key things to get right at any party for you? Sound, crowd, location, DJs?

LX Music is famous for location, sound system, DJs. The crowd appears directly when you have these things in place.

How has the game changed since the rise of social media? Is it useful or not?

I don’t appreciate social media at all, when Facebook first appeared I decided not to open a page with LX Music or as a DJ. It was 2011 before we opened a page, because that’s the business. We never bought a like directly, we just sponsor posts.

How important is it to book local acts as well as big name guests?

As I said, we began as a DJ collective, so we know the feeling of “no gigs”. We think that everyone needs a chance.

What is the scene in Lisbon like? How is it evolving?

Looks great in my opinion, Lux Fragil is the super club. We and many other promoters give fans many options to party, from drum&bass to house, techno to trance. We know how to party.

What crowd do you attract? How important is a mix of races, sexuality, genders?

All type of persons. We have a good control at the door and anyone can dance with us, as long as they are respectful.

How important is diversity on party line-ups? Do you consider that?

We have always had a language and a direction for each party, we always want to tell a story. But we do it with diversity.

Tickets and info for LX Music Festival can be found here.