In Interview with Kincaid and Sinal

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 14, 2019

In Interview with Kincaid and Sinal

Silver Bear Recordings serve up a new EP that features five fantastic collaborative and solo tracks from Kincaid and Sinal, a pair that have built a solid reputation off the back of their various releases on Aeon, Of Unsound Mind, Futureboogie and Disco Halal.

The duo explain: “The EP has been the culmination of almost 2 years of bouncing ideas back and forth with a desire to create something that’s a total departure from what we both make individually.”

The Arlo EP is a collection of understated, emotionally motivated tracks both geared to headphone listening or intimate moments in the club. We grabbed a chat with both artists together to dive into their relationship, what it means for them to release on Silver Bear and what they’re both looking forward to in 2020.

How did you guys first meet?

Max (Sinal): We shared a booking agent under our previous alias who got us in a session together. We had released on the same label and had quite a few mutual friends as well.

Joe (Kincaid): We met under our old aliases many moons ago, and just ended up clicking on a quite a few similar musical passions.

What does your Arlo EP mean to you?

Max: We made the lead track “Arlo” over 2 years ago now. It was named after a dog I was looking after at the time that started humping his bed really violently during our session and broke his dick. Luckily it mended itself by the time I had to give him back.

In contrast to that, I made “Sonia'” about my Grandma in her last days. I had just got back from visiting her in hospital and knew she only had a matter of days left. I made it in a few hours, pretty much in tears the whole way through. It’s the most meaningful tune I’ve ever made and also features a recording of my baby’s heartbeat I took at a scan just before she was born which comes in at the end when the bass which represents my nan fades out.

Joe: This is a really special release for both of us I think. It’s a been really refreshing to do something that is distinctly different from our solo work, but also because it’s been almost 2 years in the making. The lead track “Arlo” was made in the presence of a mentally unhinged terrier that Max decided to dog-sit after he met it at an after-party, if I remember correctly.

Not exactly the ideal creative muse, but the track came together in a really fluid way within a few hours. Despite the track being named after this dog, I think something about the track has a real emotional resonance with both of us and it really influenced the rest of the tracks we wrote for this EP.

For me “Love Of An Automaton” was written about something quite personal I was going through when I was sitting down to write on the day. And of course Max’s beautiful track for his grandma Sonia as well. So yeah it’s a really special release for a bunch of reasons.

How does it feel to release on Silver Bear? What is your dream label to release on?

Max: It’s a label we’ve been wanting to release on for a while. Lawrence and Louis have both been mates of ours for years and I love the passion they have for the label and the music they put out on it. It’s a label run with love and attention to detail and I’m a big fan!

Joe: It’s a great feeling to know that these tracks we love are being released by people we love. Couldn’t be more happy with the enthusiasm and dedication for the release. Big love for Lawrence, Louis and the Silver Bear team.

Which song reminds you of the other?

Max: The first one that springs to mind is that Pina Colada song (laughs). I’ve seen Joe close a fair few raves with it and he always looks like the happiest man in the world when he plays it, and there’s usually quite a few confused faces in the crowd ha!

Joe: Any number of garage tracks (laughs), or actually the Villalobos remix of Mari Kvien Brunvoll, have quite a few memories of trying to work out how high Villalobos is when he records those remixes which are 30mins long, does he just keep forgetting how much of it he’s already finished, and just thinking… this is taking ages!

What is your favourite festival experience to date?

Max: Hard to chose just one, closing a rammo Love Bullets stage at Glasto in 2015 is up there for me. I took it back to my roots and played a ’95-2000 garage set and was pretty memorable.

Joe: There have been a few, but I think for me the one I enjoyed the most and I came away with so much inspiration was Houghton 2018.

What are your biggest music inspirations?

Max: I’m pretty obsessed with the New York underground scene from the ’70s – ’80s. Been studying David Mancuso and his loft parties and his whole philosophy around sound in particular. My Mum has been a pretty big musical inspiration for me growing up as well. We always a wide variety of music in the kitchen, from Motown to Erykah Badu and Fela Kuti to Buena Vista Social Club. I grew up with a really wide taste in music.

Joe: My Dad for sure.

If you could choose an animal to represent the other, what would it be?

Max: I’m gonna go with a Meerkat. Don’t know why…

Joe: I’m gunna say a crab because he had a pretty unhealthy obsession with Deadliest catch when we recorded this, I was worried.

What’s your favourite studio gear?

Max: Probably my Ableton Push 2. It’s so versatile and makes my workflow so much quicker. Can’t imagine life before it.

Joe: I’m going to actually say the oddity 2; it’s what we made the whole EP with more or less. Weird to choose a VST I know but it’s genuinely something I always come back to, couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Who is the better cook?

Max: I’ve never actually tried Joe’s cooking from what I can remember, I imagine he’s quite good though. I’m pretty handy in the Kitchen, my current waistline can back that up (laughs).

Joe: Whenever we worked together or hung out I was just bringing infinite packs of tortellini over, doesn’t say much for my cooking skills – which I would like to claim are fairly decent.

What are you both up to in the coming months/2020?

Max: Before the end of the year I have releases under 3 of my aliases, gigs under 4 of them and continuing to grow my new business LDN Rotary, selling used Rotary mixers and modifying Technics SL’s while juggling being a new Dad.

Joe: It’s nice to be playing a few exciting shows in London, 9th November I’m playing at Oslo all night, and again on the 21st December all night with DJ Fett Burger, always love playing in London. I also have a remix out for Stevie R, out next week alongside remixes from Simple Symmetry and Martin Buttrich. A few compilation tracks out and I should have my debut full EP on Future Boogie surfacing around the start of next year.

Arlo EP Track Listing:

1. Kincaid – Love Of An Automaton
2. Kincaid – Scholar’s Stutter
3. Kincaid – Sitting Birds
4. Sinal – Song For Sonia
5. Kincaid & Sinal – Arlo

Kincaid and Sinal’s Arlo EP is out tomorrow on Silver Bear Records and available here

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