In Interview with Julie Marghilano

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 25, 2019

In Interview with Julie Marghilano

Born in the US but now very much a resident of Berlin, Julie Marghilano is a trained violinist whose otherworldly take on house and techno never fail to impress.

The owner of the Sol Asylum label, Julie tends to adhere to a quality-over-quantity approach to production, only perking up every now and then but ensuring when she does so that’s it’s worth the wait. And such is the case with her latest, the brilliant sounds of Time In Space.

Marghilano’s first return to her label since last year’s exceptional Mercury Jasmine, Time in Space is vintage Marghilano: high on atmospherics and imbued with subtleties from the get-go, this is well-honed music of the sort the obsessive audiophiles in particular are sure to devour.

We caught up with Marghilano about the progress of Sol Asylum, this latest Time in Space EP, the difference between playing the States versus Europe and upcoming Berlin gigs.

Hi Julie, thanks for chatting to us today, a pleasure to have you in.

Thanks for having me!

How does it feel to be releasing on your own imprint, Sol Asylum again, with your Time in Space EP?

It feels quite good because it had been a while and I sincerely did not expect all the support and love I received. I am always searching new sounds and new directions so sometimes I really do not know how my music will be received…

Could you possibly discuss a bit more about the chosen title for the EP?

I am quite obsessed with homographs (words with multiple meanings) space and the concept of time. Yes, I am nerding out a bit now. I think that the space between notes and in art can be just as important as the notes themselves.

I was also reading, The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli in this period so this also helped me with the concept and the cover art by gave me the main inspiration because I received it right when I was creating the first track. Please do check her artwork, she is very talented.

The Sol Asylum residencies in Berlin take place at the famous Club Der Visionäre and Hoppetosse. It does seem like you and the brand have a great connection with them both?

I am very grateful to have our SA parties in both CDV and Hoppetosse since 6 years now. It is one of the best places to have freedom of expression and long sets to really dig deep in your collection.

We must say, we always LOVE the artwork you use?

Thank you.

Is this always the same artist? How did it come about?

The concept when creating the label was to curate quality music but also do something special and curate art from different artists in the form of illustrations, so each release is providing two forms of art. We use a new artist every time and repeat some of the artists we have used in the past to keep the SA family tight-knit so each cover is one of a kind.

It is sort of an experiment in imagination because sometimes we will first have the art and then the musical artist will get inspired by that or vice versa. It is always so interesting to see what comes out from the artists feeding off of each other’s ideas.

You recently played in America, what is it like in comparison to playing in Europe? Any interesting comparisons?

Playing in America is quite a different experience especially if you are still playing vinyl because the country in a whole has switched mostly to the digital format so you can arrive in some venues without properly working turntables so I have to be prepared in case of this situation. The American crowd is for the most part into a very particular sound that I feel is quite different from my direction but I feel there is more open-mindedness in recent years, luckily for me, I usually have a very receptive crowd when touring in the US and I have had the pleasure to work with great promoters who have their heart in the right place.

Is there any more Sol Asylum news we should know about?

We have a few exciting things in the works first off I’m launching a new party series at ://about blank with my dear friend Isabelle Bees from Belisa bookings called, Gravity. This new event series will be discovering a new musical direction. The idea is to have a platform for house, techno, breaks, jungle or anything that the DJ or live artist feels has influenced them in their whole musical journey. So it’s an extension of Sol Asylum in a way because there is no genre limitation.

Besides this new party series, we will continue our summer sessions at Hoppetosse that has been turned into a nice open air space due to the fire at Club Der Visionäre earlier in the summer. We hope that CDV will reopen very soon and of course they have all our love and support.

On the label side, we are very excited to have an upcoming various artist compilation coming up next that will feature (Titonton Duvante, Pressure Point, Samuel Padden and Dsan)

Thanks for your time!

Thank you!

Time in Space Track Listing:

A1: Time In Space
A2: Eclipse
B1: Planet Minor
B2: Said And Done

Julie Marghilano’s Time in Space EP is out now via Sol Asylum and available HERE

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