In Interview with Juan Trujillo and H.Paul

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 03, 2020

In Interview with Juan Trujillo and H.Paul

Devotion Records returned in 2020 with a split release from the first-rate up-and-comers Juan Trujillo and H.Paul including remixes from the renowned XHEI and label bosses Lucas Freire and Fernanda Martins.

Devotion Limited 002 is the second vinyl edition of Barcelona’s prolific techno powerhouse Devotion Records. Juan Trujillo is a Venezuelan producer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina whose musical experience ranges from drumming, production, DJing and mastering. Juan is no stranger to Devotion Records with a tremendous digital EP on Devotion Records in his CV which impressed so much besides the world, also the label bosses so they can ask a special appearance on Devotion Limited.

H.Paul began his adventure in the world of music at an early age and took an interest in the field of music production in 2012, forming and entering in this new facet and combining the work of DJ and producer. Devotion Records’ eye-wide-opened recruitment team, couldn’t miss him out of their radar.

For today’s interview, rather than speaking to both artists we asked them to speak to each other, gaining further insight on who they are and what brings them together. This is In Interview with Juan Trujillo and H.Paul

PABLO: Juan, whats up?

JUAN: Pablo! How you doing my friend..?

PABLO: It’s already the second time you launch with Devotion … what has it been like to release on that label?

JUAN: In my case I had Devotion as a goal for some time since I like the material and artists of the label and I know how Fernanda and Lucas works. This led me to create specific material for a possible release. I made a demo of 4 tracks of which 1 was choosen for this vinyl project, which I loved and was very surprised. ¿How was your process in the selection of the material? Was there a series of demos or did you deliver a track to the project? I am struck that the track is Offbeat being a Vinyl project and I know you like this hard style like your label Induxtriall.

PABLO: I got to know Devotion thanks to the good EPs that sent me as promos, and I was surprised to learn that Lucas and Fernanda managed it. I know them and I have followed them since I started the adventure over there by 2004/2005 by playing Schranz .

That is why I was happy and support from the second one knowing that a new techno label began with great professionals. Lucas contacted me and told me about the project they had in mind. He supported me a lot and told me to send him music for a possible EP and also that he had the possibility of editing a track in next vinyl, so it was when I sent him this track that had been on hold for many months and it was one of the tracks that only I wanted to edit on vinyl since I love it and it identifies me with my style.

I usually use my style based on the sound of Birmingham, off beat, my most industrial and powerful techno version for vinyl editing, since in my mind it is more difficult to be similar to other tracks.

PABLO: I have always supported your music you sound great and you have a bestial quality in your sound, which do you usually use and repeat in your tracks?

JUAN: I have been fortunate to acquire some equipment over time, including a couple of analog synths (Korg Minilogue and Arturia Microbrute). Also relatively recently, I acquired a Roland Tr8 which had been following for some time because of the classic 808 and 909 in The same machine. I bought these equipment thinking about developing my live set in which through Ableton I shot some sequences already ready for the synths, and the truth is that I rarely use all the equipment when I produce an ep. I use more the natives of Ableton like “Operator” and then resample some effects. I do not always have the equipment deployed on the table but when I work some live set I take the opportunity to produce also and it is the case of this demo. In the Monogram track that was left for the vinyl I experimented a bit with the Minilogue and a pair of Delay and Reverb pedals. Boss RV5 and Boss DD7. I really like the color that the effects take when I work with external equipment, they are also stereo and the trip is more intense (laughs)

There are a couple of very friendly plugins (and free) which I use frequently … are the Ludge and the Lokomotive. Good sound and easy to use.

JUAN: I really like the stereo arrangement that the percussions have on your track. For this resource you create something manual that is repeated or do you opt for a stereo delay?

PABLO: It’s one thing that I rely on and I’m quite maniacal. I always use Ableton effects to open the stereo, stereo delay and Utility so that everything sounds at its level traveling on its round trip wave, I like the sound to come out of the middle and make a trip through the entire track.

JUAN: Devotion has a well-defined techno line .. (from where I see it) a pretty Spanish techno. Did you know that on this side of the puddle we identify that line as Spanish techno? and on the other hand .. what future do you see the musical trends of Spain? Do you think it stays on that line or changes a little?

PABLO: Yes, Devotion knows what they do and knows in the direction that techno should go (lol) Spanish techno, Lucas is very demanding and always looks for a piece of clear quality. I’m not much of the techno style now, many people sound the same, same sound, same percussion … that’s why I throw myself to do something different (off beat, industrial)

The musical trend in Spain right now is to my liking for what I just said but I think everything will change, right now a year ago I see the same DJs who have risen 6 7 8 bpm in their sessions.

Why do you think that is?

JUAN: There is a tendency to retro … here (Argentina) is the same. There is a very clear influence of Spanish techno but in recent years the Rave wave exploded again at high bpm.

JUAN: What could you tell me about the newness of H. Paul and the projects on the way?

PABLO: The sound H. Paul is changing, I am working my true influence (Birmingham sound) I am climbing one more march and I am doing something more powerful and hard, since the low BPMs and millions of producers doing the same thing has gotten me tired, to In the next few months interesting things will come out where you can see and notice the change, more than a change is to adapt my sound to the sound that I have been creating in recent years, which also has influenced my influence in some tracks although I adapt to the sound of the current scene.

JUAN: I have always debated the issue of following a line … If before it cost me and I saw it as a weakness in my productions (not being able to follow a constant line of techno) I realized at the end of the story we have to produce what we like. As you said before your influences are important. I realized that I can produce very varied things, but if you take distance and listen to the whole set, it is still my sound, however varied it may be.

In this sense I have a couple of releases on the way as my ep for Default Series (Col) which is a bit more “Spanish” pulling quietly. But also in Alleanza which is a stronger EP of industrial dyes. There are also releases in Blackrod, Elektrotribe, Dissolved Mind and a super project in Dead Cert that is crazy.

‘Devotion Limited 002’ dropped on Devotion Records on 17th Feb 2020