In Interview with Insolate: The Art of the Remix

Insolate Releases "Order Is Chaos Remixed"
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 30, 2021

In Interview with Insolate: The Art of the Remix

Order Is Chaos, the debut LP from Insolate, just received remix treatment by Ben Sims, Pfirter, Sev Dah, Amotik, Under Black Helmet and more for Order Is Chaos Remixed which was released earlier this month.

Released via her Out of Place imprint a year on from the debut album, Order is Chaos Remixed sees the Croatian techno artist draft eight of techno’s most vital talents to create a remix LP which touches on a spectrum of modern techno sounds.

A powerhouse of the Croatian techno scene, Insolate has been establishing a global presence as a DJ and producer for over 20 years now, delivering as both the label boss and creative force behind the Out Of Place imprint and the electrifying TRAUM events. In 2020 Insolate dropped the critically acclaimed ‘Order Is Chaos’ album which gained much respect from multiple techno heavyweights, including Paula Temple, Ben Sims, Truncate, Rebekah, Charlotte de Witte, Perc, Exium, and Adriana Lopez to name a few. The album is a substantially broad palette of styles described by DJ Mag as an “exciting journey through trans-dimensional vocals, acid-drenched sequences and floor obligated bangers.

We caught up with Insolate to talk about the art of remixing, as well as the selection process that went behind Order is Chaos Remixed.


Hello Sunny, how have you been since we last spoke at the beginning of spring?

Hello! So nice to speak with you again! Right now things started to move forward and I am happy I have already some nice bookings confirmed for this summer. Last week we already had our first TRAUM event with guest Setaoc Mass and finally, I can tell that we are starting with the “normal” life again. Next weekend I am playing again on Exit Festival in Serbia and Fortress Festival in Croatia and then I am heading for a 2-week tour in Colombia with 6 confirmed gigs.

In September we are back with one more TRAUM event but this time we are having SNTS as a guest and right after that I am finally heading to Berlin after more than a year where I am back to Hōr with “Out of Place presents”.

Can’t wait!

Exciting! And congratulations on the massive remixes coming out on your debut LP! The list of amazing names you’ve gotten on board is top quality. Can you tell us a bit about the process you went through in curating who would provide these remixes?

This project was already started at the beginning of 2020. Vinyl release was already planned for the summer of 2020 but then because of the pandemic everything slowed down. When I started to think about the remix album release, I wanted to gather producers I respect and whose music I love to play, because I wanted to actually play their tracks in my sets. Somehow it turns out that most of the people I wanted on the project are also people I am close to, so it turned out as some kind of family project.

I invited Ben Sims, Amotik, Volster, Sev Dah, Under Black Helmet and ASEC with whom I am close with from before and then Flaminia and Pfirter with whom I worked together on some projects.

How different are these remixes compared to the originals on the album?

I am happy that everyone took something from the original that they loved, some took amazing vocals from Sara Rena, who was my guest on the album, and some of them decided to go with the main synths or percussion. Regardless of their choice, they all made magic while remixing and did something completely different!

Many of our readers and followers are aspiring DJs and producers. Can you explain what you look for in a remix both as a label A&R/owner and as the artist that is getting their track remixed?

I like to hear the difference between original and remix and also I love when I can hear that special flavor that remixers brings in with their signature style. I mostly choose remixers by the sound I love to listen to, because as I said before I really love to play tracks I release on my label.

Is there still an artist you hope gets to remix one of your tracks someday?

Oh yes loads of them!! Some oldies but goldies such as Gaetano Parisio and Luke Slater, then Nina Kraviz, Ellen Alien, Stef Mendesidis, Lady Starlight, and Vladimir Dubyshkin as they are very inspiring producers with unique styles.

How about the other way around, is there an artist you hope to remix at some point in your career?

Yes, I would like to work with or remix James Blake. I am a huge fan of his music and how abstract and interesting are the production he does. So it would be my dream come true to work with him one day!

Insolate Releases "Order Is Chaos Remixed"

Insolate Releases “Order Is Chaos Remixed”

Who are some of the up-and-coming talented artists you are really liking this year?

This pandemic time gave me the opportunity to get introduced to some big young talents, and they are producing such good music. I am happy some of them already released on my label, such as Annē, Assumption, Sera j, Unspent, ASEC, Szmer, Francesco Argentieri, and Mode_1. I would also like to mention Marrøn, Prostorija za Otpad, Temudo, Rene Wise, Jelena, amongst so many many others!

You’ve been on fire with your label during this lockdown period. What else is coming up for Out of Place to close out 2021?

Yes, we have two very successful years behind us, mostly promoting young talents. Also, this remixed album is definitely the crown of all the work, as I managed to gather such an impressive line-up of artists.

Before the end of the year, we are planning one more vinyl release by Rove Ranger, and few digital releases. Annē is coming back with an EP with 2 strong tracks and remixes by Alien Rain and myself and after that, we have an amazing EP from DISX3 with remixes from two of my favorite ladies, Denise Rabe and The Lady Machine. I am planning to finish the year with one more Various Artists release so I am inviting you all to send us your music, we would love to hear and discover some new artists.

Thank you! Congrats again on the album remixes, we can’t wait to be able to have you back in LA soon!

Thank you, I cant wait to see you all again, kisses to my beloved LA fam.

Insolate Order is Chaos Remixed is out on Out of Place on double vinyl and digital formats.

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