In Interview with Erik Buschmann

Erik Buschmann
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 11, 2020

In Interview with Erik Buschmann

Amsterdam based ambient-electronic artist and multi-instrumentalist Erik Buschmann is gearing up to drop his debut EP 1v1, as he unveils “All Related” – the stunning first single to be taken from the forthcoming extended player which can be found here.

Out now via esteemed Dutch imprint Reflektor Records, All Related is named after the internal conflicts that can occur when trying to follow your inner compass during the process of creation. With influences ranging from hip-hop legend J. Dilla to UK based electronica artist Jon Hopkins, Erik has managed to develop a unique sound that borrows elements from multiple genres and instruments, ranging from spacey violin soundscapes and heavy bass beats, to dark electro and hip-hop.

With this deeply reflective and euphoric inaugural offering, Erik puts his vivid yet meditative orchestral arrangements on display for all to admire. Writing the track with a focus on self-expression, “All Related” has found its shape in a time where there was a lot of inner struggle during the process of writing the EP – a time replete with self-awareness and, at times, a degree of negativity experienced by Erik.

Trying to translate these feelings into an environment for the listener, Erik Buschmann talks to 6AM about his this debut finding inner peace during tough times.

Good day Erik and thanks for chatting with us! This is a loaded question these days but… how are you doing?

Doing alright! Still safe and healthy. Sometimes a bit bummed out that I can’t do live shows these days but also very aware of the fact that I’m not the only one with stuff going on right now…

Where in the world are you answering this interview from right now?

From my studio, based in Amsterdam. Trying to make as much music as possible these days since I do have a bit more time available for that right now.

With 2020 being such an exceptionally different year than any before it, I have to ask: how have the last few months been for you? Where did you spend lockdown and how did you keep busy and motivated?

It has been a crazy roller coaster ride since the lockdown has started. At the time when the coronavirus started to spread internationally, I was touring in Germany and was experiencing the lockdown as a surreal trip. Moving towards the lockdown people started to really get aware of the dangers of the virus and people started to be a bit more careful. The last show that we’ve played before we cancelled the rest of the tour was a happy and sad experience because everyone was feeling like this coronavirus thing could last for some time…

Besides spending the lockdown on working at getting better at Call Of Duty Warzone, grinding for those gold camos! (laughs)… I’ve been focussing on finishing my solo work and finding the right people to help me out with sharing my music with the world. I’ve been working on these tracks since early 2019 but didn’t want to rush the creative process and didn’t feel a lot of pressure too since no one was chasing me to finish my music. To stay motivated I try to work with a schedule that displays when I work and when I have some time off. I noticed that the first weeks of isolation were a bit chaotic and not so structured and that it didn’t make me feel good. Meditation also helps me with maintaining focus and relaxing every now and then.

Do you feel the lockdown has slowed your progress as an artist, or do you find some positives in all this?

Staying positive is a challenge sometimes, and so far I have maintained to just feel blessed with what I’ve got and try to make the best of all this. I notice that when I start to complain about the current situation that I almost immediately feel ashamed because I see so many people around me getting struck with all kinds of trouble. That just gives me a bit of perspective and helps me to stay strong and focus on what I’ve got.

I understand you have your debut single coming out on Reflektor Records in August. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

For sure! I’m so excited to finally share my work with everyone. The foundation of the first single All Related arose when I had a studio session with a good friend of mine called Nadine Dekker. She creates these amazing sounds with her violin, recording it through weird effects and looping it, making it a very inspiring source of sound for me to sample and tweak.

The title of the song comes from the insecurities of expression that I feel almost every time when I create a new song. When working with Nadine, I noticed that she was feeling the same thing when I recorded her sounds and that moment reflected emotionally right back at me, hence the title.

How did you and the Reflektor Records guys link up?

Joris, from Reflektor Records introduced me to the team over there. I started working with Joris about three years ago. Knowing him as the manager from Klangstof, strings attached quite naturally for my solo release. We got together, our ideas connected and now we’re here:) Very excited to work with them for these upcoming releases.

Erik Buschmann

Erik Buschmann

What were your first introductions to electronic music?

I guess artists like Jon Hopkins, Nils Frahm and Thom Yorke dragged me into this. The deep connection with electronic music was there almost immediately when I started listening to Insides by Jon Hopkins. 25% of those streams are probably mine haha.

What were you planning to do before you realized that the world of music production and DJing was going to be your passion and work for life?

Before making music I just remember not being very aware of my future and not having an idea what i want to do (and not feeling the pressure to even think about my future). I started making music as a drummer at the age of fourteen, developing myself as a more broad musician and starting to produce at the conservatory in Rotterdam. When I was only playing the drums I noticed that my ideas were not only focussed in the realm of drums and percussion but were also craving for expression on other instruments. Music production is where I feel the most expressive and free.

What other hobbies or passions do you have that aren’t music-related?

I really like watching Formula 1. Playing Call Of Duty needs to be mentioned too. Also, I love to play squash with my friends.

What’s the one venue you hope to play in someday?

Red Rocks!

If you could share a studio session with any other artist in the world, who would you pick and why?

Jon Hopkins. Would love to see him make new music and learn from that process.

If you could play b2b with anyone in the world, who would you choose?

A bit crazy weird fanboy to say the same guy twice…. Siriusmo would be amazing!

What is the best thing you’ve eaten in 2020?

The Burgermeister burger hands down…. Burgermeister is this tiny little restaurant in Berlin underneath the subway train (that used to be a toilet I believe!!) and they just make the most delicious and perfect burgers.

Any final words for our 6AM readers?

Music tip! Be sure to check out Illusion Of Time by Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini. I’ve been listening to this magical track like crazy. Lovely vibe and sounds.

Erik Buschmann “All Related” is out now and available HERE

Photos by Floor Schiphorst