In Interview with Black Circle

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 04, 2020

In Interview with Black Circle

Black Circle is a rising artist with a growing list of music to shout about. He’s become a prized asset among the RADIANT. label ranks and has since started to work on many collaborations including the likes of Nic Fanciulli, Matthias Tanzmann and Rony Seikaly, the latter on their latest music ‘What For’ which was released earlier this month.

Among official remixes for Eli & Fur as well as Camelphat, Black Circle shares with us an inside look to how life is for one of dance music’s most promising names.

Where are you currently residing during the lockdown period and how have you been getting on?

Many of my friends know me as a family guy, that’s why I’m spending my time with my family in Switzerland. I’m working on my first album and still releasing tracks on the side which keeps me super busy and allows me to “forget” the current situation.

What have you learnt about yourself in this time and what have you done to keep busy?

I’ve learned to deal with patience because this is something I don’t have. I was going crazy in the beginning and also felt like my creativity was gone but I never stopped working on my tracks and just kept myself pushing.

Tell us more about your musical style and specifically how you began to work in music?

As a kid I was always curious about how to get sounds from these machines, which at the time was a simple synthesizer, and how to modulate it. I was fascinated by the whole work process in the music production world. In 2007 I’ve started to work for some local artists but for me it felt more like going to school and learning.

I didn’t have anybody to show me how this program worked and just started to explore for hours and hours, day and night. When it comes to music I’m super picky and not easy to please. I love complicated chords and productions in every genre but most hits are made very simple.

You hit the Beatport charts in Autumn with Sabb – how was it to start seeing the recognition of the music so soon?

Everything happened so fast and I couldn’t really believe what was happening.

My tracks went 3 times No. #1 in the Beatport charts and that happened in just 3 months. I was really hyped and super excited, sometimes I couldn’t even sleep like a kid that is waiting for his gifts the next day.

Tell us about your new track ‘What If’ alongside Rony Seikaly – how did you link with him and how was the experience?

Rony is a legend. I didn’t know him at the time, then my manager told me that Rony likes my music. We connected together super-fast and started to send projects back and forth. I love being uncomplicated and just have a good work flow.

You have remixed Eli & Fur in the past – how do you approach remixes and who would you like to remix in the future?

I don’t really have a rule when I produce music, I just start and see what comes out but yes of course it’s much easier when you have a vocal that gives you already a direction.

I’ve done a remix for Camelphat too which also had a vocal in it and that’s where I actually start to build up the whole remix around the vocals. There are so many major artists out there which I would like to remix but for me it’s not just about getting the remix done to put your name somewhere. It’s all about the passion we share for the music. It doesn’t have to be a major artist for a remix, because in music we are all equal.

How different is it working solo versus collaboratively? You’ve worked with some great artists on collaborations such as Nic Fanciulli and Matthias Tanzmann in the past. What else do you have coming up that we should be aware of?

It’s totally different when you work with such great names that been ruling the scene for so many years. On one side I had a big pressure but was also super excited and motivating. I’ve finished a track with Yousef from Circus Recordings and right now I’m working with Andrea Oliva on our first collaboration.

I’ve also had a chat with Blondish about a collabo. Let’s see where this goes

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