In interview with BJORN: From Sweden to Ibiza

In Interview with BJORN
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 24, 2021

In interview with BJORN: From Sweden to Ibiza

Magenta is a new electronic label from DJ and producer BJORN, an artist born in Sweden and now residing in Ibiza.

BJORN himself kicks off the label with his own standout Majestic EP with an outstanding remix from Israeli Kadosh ‘Frau Blau’, who has released on Innervisions, Watergate and more with a massive DJ support.

‘Majestic’ an afro melodic tune with artful chords up top. The keys twinkling like distant stars and percussive patterns linger above the wavy drums with the blend of voices from Africa and India.

The remix is a classy one from Kadosh that really layers up the cosmic melodies to get your heart and head in a spin. His drums have metallic textures and his synths are mysterious.

6AM sat for a virtual chat with BJORN to talk about the launch of his Magenta label, and how his life trajectory, which has taken him from his home country of Sweden to the Balearic island of Ibiza, has influenced his sound and career.


How are you, how has 2021 started for you?

Hey guys, I’m well thanks. I hope the same with you. It has been good and intense with planning a few releases and the start up of my new imprint as well. To do both at the same time has been extra hectic but fun and very exciting too. It has also been overwhelming to receive so much positive feedback and support during the first few days after the label and EP release launch. So it is a true pleasure to speak to you.

Can you remember growing up in Sweden, what were your first experiences in music like there?

Sweden is well known for producing big hits and I felt this straight away in the club scene. The crowd wanted commercial music. I started DJing at an early age and was already then inspired by the club scene in some big international cities and Ibiza. I was totally misplaced in a small town with my taste of sound, but at the same time it was the most fun I had in my life.

So I understood, I needed to learn how to read and connect with the crowd on a deeper level, so they feel you care, then it is easier to introduce the club music instead of only playing radio hits that they were used to hearing, this was before the mobile camera came as a lighter in the air “smile”.

These experiences have been to my advantage through my international career.

Why did you leave and move to London and Ibiza, was it solely music-related?

Yes it had a big impact on my decision. As a young DJ with music being my biggest passion. I dreamed and followed the Ibiza scene over a decade. I had a good life in Sweden with regular gigs and the running of my own events and I had very supportive family and friends there. In all honesty I was a little afraid to go Ibiza, I knew that if I went, then there will be no return. That is what happened…

When I finally came to the island in 2012 I had never had to deal with the high energy flow inside of me that came with the move, I just felt so happy, free and at home. The people there really appreciate the music. I can keep going on and on as to why I fell in love with the island and have lived there seven years. The last few winters I moved my base to Berlin and then to London and yes you’re right, it was a studio, carrier and gigs related move.

Do those cities and their landscapes inspire and induce the music you make, we suppose Ibiza does have a very special way of influence.

Totally, both Berlin and London are inspiring too but as you mention Ibiza influences me the most. It is a paradise island with so many vibrations and so much inspiration in the air. Ibiza has countless amazing spots with likeminded people from all over the world and it has been the dance music mecca for over 40 years with stunning beaches, sunny weather and the sunset is just magnificent with a colorful sky, it is like a new painting everyday. It’s these many combinations that make Ibiza so special and magic and why people often fall in love with the island.

Tell us about your new label Magenta – why start it now, and what music are you looking to share with the world on it?

I had the dream and idea for a long time to release and express myself in various music with no limitations and it was the first time in many years I felt ready and that it was time to do it properly.

The focus is firmly on having an imaginative and futuristic sound that gives you positive emissions in various electronic music styles such as indie dance, afro house, melodic house and techno.

The first releases will be myself with fantastic talented artists for remixes. The first one is with Kadosh which is out now, it has amazing support and feedback so far with the release only being last week and more Magenta vibe artists are on the way.

I would love to invite more gifted artists and friends that are matching us and I am also looking forward to discovering new coming acts and helping them shine and be a part of the Magenta family.

The debut EP ‘Majestic’ is out now and it features yourself and a remix from Kadosh. Tell us a bit about producing this one.

I have worked a few years on and off in various studios in Ibiza, Berlin and Sweden. In the proper studios in Berlin and Ibiza I loved to use the classic drum machines and the analog synths and during the various isolation times I worked with a more temporary studio in Sweden. My music is made in a mix of these ways.

I have over the years recorded Ibiza’ wonderful creatures and live afro instruments, this gives a unique identity too.

Has it been strange producing music, but not really having anywhere to test it ‘live’ due to current circumstances?

Yes and no. I was feeling blessed to have this time to recharge myself and to focus on making new music while not getting distracted by anything.

My creativity and ideas have flowed easily during lockdown but you’re right, I am a little bit frustrated at not having a chance to test it in front of the crowd, however, it makes you look deeper inside of yourself and create what you feel in the moment. BJORN and Magenta music is also made for streaming and listening outside of the clubs too, which our listening views online in the various plattform have shown in the first couple of days.

What other plans do you have scheduled for this year, or in the coming months?

I have a new upcoming EP on Magenta with the genius Italian artist Ivory as the remixer this time. I am so glad to have him with me on our next release. I am really looking forward to sharing this one with all of you!

And more interesting things are on the way, as well with exciting remix projects on other labels, stay tuned!

What have you missed most about events, festivals and partying?

Oh there are so many things! It is a lifestyle for me, I miss seeing many of my friends around the globe, all colleagues, the lovely clubbers and of course the music, the loud sound system and the special energy that is created in the venues.

Let’s hope we soon can open up our world again and come back to the social environment that we all need in our life. Thank you 6AM Group for having me!

Our pleasure!

BJORN Majestic EP is out now on Magenta and available HERE

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