In Interview with ADIN

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 15, 2019

In Interview with ADIN

Born and raised in Holland, running the hot seat over at DREEF is techno master, ADIN. Often known by many as Baggi, recently releasing on Loco Dice’s Desolat, you can now familiarise yourself with his prolific alias, ADIN.

Recently the experienced producer turned out on HOSH’s Fryhide, with several more where that came from.

Here is what went down when we discussed everything ADIN.

Hi ADIN, thanks for catching up with us today. First of all, how is your summer so far? What have you been up to?

Hey guys, it’s my pleasure! Summer is going well! Just trying to enjoy the days making music and playing gigs + spending time with the family as well!

You have some special dates lined up this year EDC Orlando, HYTE x A Day In the Park in Rotterdam. How do you prepare for large scale festival gigs as opposed to clubs?

Yes looking forward to both of them! Hyte is such a good party and was always a dream to play, I’m making my debut at EDC underground stage (Neon Garden), which is making me nervous in a good way! it’s definitely different playing big stages vs. club shows. Club gigs are more experimental for me and I just go with the flow. At a festival, I like to shine and prep with the best selection of records I have.

What is your favourite set to date?

I really enjoy all my shows (especially the long/extended sets), but a highlight in recent memory is definitely playing one of the mainstages at EDC called Circuit Grounds. Seeing such a diverse and eclectic crowd feeling the vibes and dancing to 122 bpm techno is absolutely amazing!

You recently released on Fryhide with your track ‘Certain Shadows On The Wall’, how did this come about?

Being a fan of Hosh for years and following his label made it an easy choice to release on Fryhide. After finishing the track, I sent it to him and he immediately started playing it! I think I got lucky.

How long have you been producing, and amongst music?

Since 2007

Can you tell us a bit about your studio set up?

MacBook pro, lots of plugins, Dynaudio Speakers  Roland TR8s, Machine, Ableton and Push.

You also run your DREEF label, what do you have coming up on there?

The plan is to release records monthly from myself and other artists. I’d like to put out music that gives me goosebumps and makes me want to dance.

What inspired you to start your own label?

Back in the day, I owned a record shop which was a very inspiring time in my career and ever since then I’ve wanted to have my own record label as well! Sending records to all these amazing labels and never getting an answer was frustrating, so I’ve decided to start my own label as a promo tool for my music and to give a chance to new talent to release their music to the world.

Any advice for up and coming producers looking to create a label?

Setting up an imprint is easy, but making a label visible is difficult, so think good about your marketing strategy and the way you are going to operate your label!

Anything else you would like to let us know about?

Stay tuned for new releases and hope to see some of you on the dancefloor.


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