In Interview From Quarantine with Endor

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 03, 2020

In Interview From Quarantine with Endor

Endor is best known for his all-conquering “Pump It Up” – arguably one of the biggest house record of last year and currently sitting at over 50 million streams worldwide – but has also released on labels ranging from This Ain’t Bristol and Simma Black to Warner Music and Island Records, making an incredible impact on the scene in a short space of time.

This year he had an incredibly busy touring schedule including summer bookings at We Are FTSVL, Sundown and Defected Croatia, and had remixes from Madonna and Mabel coming soon, with more originals planned late spring/early summer.

Obviously, with Coronavirus COVID-19 shutdowns, his gigs have also been canceled or postponed, but Endor plans to keep the music coming nonetheless.

We just caught up with Endor to find out how he is doing amidst the Coronavirus isolation lockdowns and what his music plans for 2020 are now that things have changed.

Hi mate, are you quarantined?

I’m fighting fit but trying to stay isolated.

What does that mean for you exactly? What is your day like these days?

Well, I’m trying to leave the house as little as possible (my family joke that I’ve been practicing for this all my life). I’m not doing any socialising (also something I’m well versed at)… and my hands are red raw from all the handwashing (laughs).

How do you feel about what is going on in our music industry and scene due to the COVID-19 virus?

I can’t lie, it’s pretty bleak. It’s put a halt to all my gigs for the next two months, and the way things are going, it could be a lot longer.

However I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve spent six months gigging pretty hard, so things are in good shape. I’ve had friends who are not so lucky – even being made redundant. I just hope this all blows over quickly, for their sake.

When do you think/hope we will be back on the dance floor?

My hope is that they find a cure overnight and we’re all back on the dance floor by Friday. My expectation is a little different. Our Prime Minister has alluded to the idea of on-going Corona Virus precautions right up until the start of 2021. But this whole thing is so unprecedented that I don’t want to jump to conclusions too soon. Expect the worst, hope for the best.

I assume these are good weeks to get busy in the studio. Do you feel you are more motivated and inspired, or less?

I guess it’s a good time to work on music – but without that excitement of club culture, making music seems a little flat. That said, we’ve just turned a corner seasonally – and we’ve had 5 days straight of sunshine… Summer always does great things for inspiration.

I’ve also been trying to find new ways to get inspired. I’m listening to quite a few genres of music away from house, like Jazz (Miles Davis, Coltrane, Duke Ellington) as well as old school 80s/90s Hip Hop. A Tribe Called Quest discography is on loop.

Away from music I’m learning to oil paint, in the slightly garish, quite cheesy, Bob Ross way. It’s the perfect therapy, and it goes really well with Jazz music.

Are you working on any collaborations with artists from a distance?

Actually yes! By pure fluke I’m working on something with a huge 90s dance icon – it’s the stuff of pure fantasy. I can’t say who, which is a massive cop out I know. But ask me in a fortnight and I’ll give you the full lowdown.

Let’s talk about your productions that are done and ready to come out. What do you have in the pipeline for the rest of the year?

I’ve got an arsenal of stuff that’s ready to go. It’s just all about deciding which is the best and picking my moment. It will be soon though!

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