Getting To Know Alignment

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 24, 2020

Getting To Know Alignment

In the past several years Alignment, whose real name is Francesco Pier, has surfaced as a new name in the European techno scene.

The meaning of the name Alignment is found in the concept of inner orientation, a journey of the dark corners of one’s inner self. His music, which is defined by dark basselines, pumping kickdrums, sinister industrial noises and reverberating synths, brings his vision to life. The soundscapes of Alignment’s productions and live performances put listeners into a trance, catapulting them into a post-apocalyptic warehouse setting where the party seemingly has no end.

Alignment’s own releases, which have found a home on Voxnox Records, Involve Records and Etruria Beat, amongst others, have grabbed the attention of many famous artists such as Ben Klock, Amelie Lens, Chris Liebing, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, and Maceo Plex, to name a few.

We caught up with Alignment to learn more about him as a person and as an artist. Enjoy our exclusive interview below!

Where are you right now and what are you doing?

Right now I’m in my studio in Berlin Neukölln, working on new projects and for sure producing music as usual (laughs)

What year were you born?

Back in the ’90s, in 1992!

What’s the coolest thing in your house?

Ha, def my studio! It was a lot of work to improve the sound in this space but know I’m super happy with the final result.

Best experience as a DJ?

I really loved to play in Paris, every time the parties are packed with super energetic crowds. Best parties for me at the moment are Possession, LaQuarantaine and Razance. Respect!

Favourite record label?

Definitely my home label Voxnox and Involve plus molekül

What’s your biggest weakness?

I feel definitely insecure some times, I consider this as my biggest weakness.

First record you ever paid for?

Developer on Olympian records, I think 4 years ago.

What’s your morning routine?

Waking up, shower, water with lemon and heading to the studio creating new tunes.

Tell us something we shouldn’t know about you?

I studied classical music and clarinet, then I started producing music at the age of 14 doing hip-hop beats for many people in my area in Italy. I also break-danced for 8 years!

Ever smoked?


If you weren’t in the music industry, what would you be doing?

Maybe I’d be a chef or sous chef in a good restaurant, I really love cooking and creating compositions with food.

Worst job you’ve ever had?

I was flipping burgers and washing dishes in an Italian restaurant working 40 hours a week for 500 euros a month.

Favourite record right now?

BK – Revolution

Your favourite food?

I’d lie if I say it’s not Italian, still for me one of the best cuisines we have.  I’m also really into Japanese and Asian Food, and I can never say NO to a proper bowl of Ramen.

Late sleeper or early riser?

Both actually, I only sleep 5/6 hours a day. I go to bed late and wake up early.

Most memorable moment of your life so far?

I think my first gig in Paris for the La Quarantaine collective. I was used to playing smaller shows at that time and in this warehouse we had a 4,000 capacity and sold-out event. When I dropped my tune “New World” people just went crazy. I def will never forget this moment.

Will you ever be done with music?

I love music, so I think I will be always connected to it, I simply need it!

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