Impressions vs. Engagements: The Social Media Debacle For All Music Artists

Author : 6AM
January 19, 2018

Impressions vs. Engagements: The Social Media Debacle For All Music Artists

When it comes to social media, it is the goal of every artist to get themselves and their music noticed, and especially so whenever they have a new release or a upcoming gig that would benefit from getting as much attention possible.

But it would be naïve to think that one just needs to send blind invite or make random posts to reach as many people as possible via social media channels. Social media has evolved so much in recent years that number of followers alone is no longer enough these days to get traction. As such, two different strategies for greater social media mileage have emerged, namely, engagement and impressions.

So which of the two is more effective social media strategy? Before we tackle this question, it is important to know what they are. An impression is defined as the number of times your social media content (whether it is a post, uploaded content or shared media) is seen throughout various feeds. While engagement is the number of interactions (in form of reaction, comment, or share/retweet) people have with your content.

With that said, which of the two provides the best picture of how you are seen in social media and how wide is your reach? To be honest, there is no straightforward answer to this, because it all depends on what your social media goal for your brand as an artist is.

If you are after getting your artist brand and your music across to as many people as possible, focusing on impressions would be the way to go. At the very least, it creates awareness about you and with well-thought of strategies in place, you can make that awareness unforgettable enough to make some sort of impact and recall.

But if you are after creating value for your work as an artist, engagements would be a more suitable strategy to go with. For this approach, content is an important factor. You have to put out quality content that can be liked and shared throughout the web, building a relationship with your fans which also help gives you more mileage as an artist.

Of course, an artist can utilize both approaches to maximize their social media efforts. After all both are intertwined in a way that more impressions can lead to more engagements. But if you ask any social media expert, there is still a need to determine what your goals are for your social media efforts. So, while you wish to use both impression and engagement, you must ask yourself: what do you wish to accomplish in your social media efforts? Do you want people to know you as an artist and the work you have put out? Or do you want them to “take action”?

If you are uncertain as to what approach to take, you can try to use both approaches and see what works. Remember to use one approach for one campaign at a time and analyze the results as they come. With a proper campaign and analysis set up, you are on your way to make an impact in social media.