Illegal (IN) Puts Creative Spin on Computers

Author : Chelsi Sherrell
June 28, 2022

Illegal (IN) Puts Creative Spin on Computers

Illegal (IN) debuts his 3-track EP Volatile Memory on his label dotslash records. On the EP, he doesn’t stray from his usual focus and passion regarding technology and digital components, as noted from the track titles.

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The EP also features Aud, a new generational talent that pushes the boundaries of conventional techno with her unique and blended productions of Metal, Rock, Techno, PsyTrance, and Future Progressive.

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Aud’s signature usage of vocals combined with rich song arrangements and sometimes dark, sometimes euphoric moods, make this track diverse, yet they all remain fine-tuned for Hard Techno chaos with raw power.

Premiere: Illegal (IN) “Volatile Memory” EP – dotslash records

The first track, “RAM” by Illegal (IN) incorporates sounds ranging from polished juggernaut kick drums to gritty baselines and percussion that are paired with whispering indelible vocals by featuring artist, Aud. The second track, “SRAM” is a rare amalgam of old-school techno consisting of groovy basslines, analog synths, and raw drums. The final track, “DRAM” is 90s inspired with broken trance elements and deep baselines.

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