The Ibiza Bucketlist

Author : 6AM
August 09, 2015

The Ibiza Bucketlist

3 - Es Vedra

The Ibiza Bucket List

Words by: Josh Allen

To most of us stateside, a summer holiday in Ibiza is a rare luxury. So for those of you that are determined enough to make club culture’s most sought after pilgrimage, and check Ibiza off the bucket list, I wanted to share what I would recommend as the Top 10 “must have” experiences when visiting Spain’s party mecca.

Now, having spent a mere 25 days on two trips to Ibiza, I feel that my time there has allowed me to just barely scratch the surface of what the island has to offer. However, this list is a great source for somebody who wants to fully experience the Ibiza ethos.


10. DC-10

The iconic Circoloco parties at DC-10 might host the biggest debauchery anywhere in the world. DC-10 does play host to several other parties throughout the week such as Jamie Jones’ Paradise event, but it’s hard to find a place with more energy on the island than DC-10 on a Monday for Circoloco.

9 - Formentera

9. A Daytrip to Formentera

It’s not just a daytime destination for the yachts stashed in Ibiza’s ports; you too can visit the white sandy beaches of Ibiza’s Balearic neighbor. We opted to rent a quad and explore the beaches on our own. Of course we finished the day at the famous Playa Ses Illetes. There you can have what was one of our finest meals of the trip at restaurant Juan Y Andrea, while daydreaming of getting invited to board on of the many yachts anchored a few meters off the coast.

8 - ibiza-restaurants

8. Enjoy some great restaurants

Sure, appetites in Ibiza might be sparse. But with so many of Europe’s most accomplished chefs and restauranteurs making their imprint on the White Isle, you’re within reach of some of the Mediterranean’s finest cuisine. So avoid the tourist food, do some research, and treat yourself to one of the many fantastic restaurants the island boasts.

7 - Free Beach Party

7. Hit a free beach party

There is something particularly attractive about the word free, especially in Ibiza. Super clubs on the island are charging 30 to 80 euros for entry, yet some of the best DJs are playing some of the islands best parties and they are absolutely free. Whether it’s at Guy Gerber’s Sunday Rumors at Beach House, or Tini and the Gang now at Lips in Playa d’en Bossa, reserve a breath of fresh air for one of Ibiza’s free beach parties.

6. Rent a car – Explore the island

There are so many hidden gems sprinkled all over Ibiza, yet not many that visit the island reserve time off from party mode to see what’s going on away from the crowds. It could take weeks to fully explore this Balearic paradise. From the beaches to the North and around Portinax, to the legendary beach clubs that lay isolated from the resort towns, burn a day getting lost on the island and you might wind up calling it the highlight of your holiday.

5 - Day club

5. Lounge at a Day Club

Day parties have always played a role in the Ibiza experience, but day clubs have taken on a whole new face in recent years with the extravagance of open air super clubs like Ushuaia and Destino. However, you will have options that range from popping bottles at the isolated Blue Marlin and partying late into the night, to having the chilled out cuisine focused vibe of one of Playa d’en Bossa’s many beachfront day clubs like Nassau or Nikki Beach.

4 - Amnesia

4. Party in the Amnesia Terrace until the daylight comes

While Space may be considered one of the best overall clubs in the world, it’s tough to argue that the Amnesia Terrace isn’t the most amazing room to party at anywhere. And while the days of the retractable roof and open-air parties are long gone, the current roof lets in light in the same way a greenhouse would. So as the lasers begin to fade, the slow transition from night to day in the Amnesia terrace is something any fan of a party should experience. Fridays with Italian techno Legend, Marco Carola, will be your best bet to experience this as his Music On parties have been going well into the morning.

3 - Es Vedra

3. Visit Es Vedra

It’s either just a big rock that lay a mile off the coast of the island; or a mythical place with special magnetic energy, sea nymphs, and a history of human sacrifices under the full moons. Either way, it’s worth the trek to the tower that sits on the cliff overlooking the rock. There is an incredible beachfront restaurant on Cale d’ Hort that gives you the option to have Paella, Sangria, and Es Vedra all at once.

2 - Carl-Cox-Space

2. Carl Cox Tuesdays at Space

No trip to Ibiza is complete without a visit to Space. Even with all the accolades year after year, Space continues to upgrade and improve. Put simply, it’s a flawless clubbing space unmatched by any other I have visited. So when you drop the King of Ibiza into the club on Tuesday nights, it’s no surprise The Revolution has become one of the island’s flagship parties and is now going on its 14th season.

1-Cafe Mambo

1. The Sunset at Café Mambo

Not too much can be said about the sunset strip that hasn’t been said already. It’s one of those special moments that must be experienced in order to fully appreciate. I will say that watching the sunset on board a sea vessel that’s anchored just out front of Café Mambo is definitely something to strive for. But a jug of Sangria out on the boardwalk of the sunset strip is equally amazing.