How To Stay Healthy During A Week Of Partying

Author : Lydia Castillo
November 15, 2016

How To Stay Healthy During A Week Of Partying

Amsterdam Dance Event, The BPM Festival, Miami Music Week and Burning Man are just some of the three-plus day party series that are now a staple in every electronic music fan’s calendar. Whether you’re heading to one of these iconic events or to an action-packed three-day weekend festival, we know you’re facing an uphill battle to keep your body healthy and in shape.

Sure, feeling like crap may be inevitable at some point during a party marathon, but depending on your eating and hygiene habits, it could be minimized to an almost non-existent point. Need some key tips on how to do it? We can help!


1. Eat healthy, at least once a day.

It can be easy to miss your regular meals when you’re out all day and night, and trying to make up for it by shoving a granola bar in your mouth is only scratching the surface.

You need more substance than that.

If you know you’re going to be out for long periods of time, make it a priority to grocery shop on your day of arrival. Stock up on your breakfast, lunch, and dinner staples such as bread, butter, eggs, cheese, fruits, greens, protein, oatmeal, milk, orange juice, coffee, and any other food you know you eat regularly. It will not only keep you alive, but it will be a tremendous help when you’re too tired to go out and eat somewhere.

Plus, if you’re sharing a place with someone, chances are they might be willing to help you out if they notice you are on your last leg — especially if all the ingredients are already in the kitchen.  


2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Did you know your brain and heart consume up to 73% of the water you ingest?  Dehydration can impair short-term memory and the recall of long-term memory.

When you wake up, or along with your breakfast, have a glass. Before you go to bed, drink more.

This will prevent you from waking up with a headache due to consuming too much alcohol, or simply being dehydrated.

Push yourself to drink at least 8oz of water every other hour, especially if you are dancing all night into the morning. Plus, what have you got to lose? Don’t take the fact that you can easily drink water for granted. It is a privilege for many of us to have convenient access to potable water.

Remember that when you drink plenty of water you will be using the washroom more, which is also great for your body!

Green sprout from pills

3. Supplements? Yes, please.

I have noticed more and more people bringing supplements along for their party ride. Some of the most useful and effective supplements include 5HTP, Fiber or Bowel regularity, and liver cleanse.

5HTP works in the brain and central nervous system by increasing the production of the chemical known as serotonin. Serotonin can affect your sleep, appetite, temperature, sexual behavior, and pain sensation. We recommend taking this the morning after ingesting MDMA and Ecstasy to raise your serotonin levels back to normal. See supplement bottle for appropriate dosing amount.

Fiber and bowel regularity supplements will help you regulate bathroom activities so they are as close to normal as possible.  You can take these before or after a meal, depending on when you will be around a restroom to unload as needed.  See bottle for appropriate dosing amount.

Liver cleanse. Although this is a no-brainer, while you’re eating several fatty foods and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, taking this supplement will give you body the extra help needed to break down the excessive intake amounts of alcohol and fatty foods it is usually not having to handle.


4. Shower, please, for your own sake.

There’s nothing like waking up and feeling clean.

Although that may not have been the case a couple of hours ago, smelling like cigarettes and sweat is no way to start off a great day (unless you’re into that sort of stuff).

Showering after coming home from a night out will help you feel refreshed when you wake up, and it won’t rub off on your bed spread reminding you of yet another time you may have had one too many.


5. Wear shoe inserts. Your arches and muscles will thank you.

Shoe inserts are underrated. For a nominal cost of $8-$20, you can get great support for your arches and muscles, absorbing shocks and helping you to keep dancing for hours. If you’re flat-footed, wearing these can help relieve the pain from being on your feet for an extended amount of time.

There are two types of shoe inserts: gel and non-gel. If you need extra support then we would recommend the gel, but if you’d consider yourself “normal” then non-gel cushions will work just fine.


6. Dress comfortably.

There’s nothing more annoying than having to worry about your outfit, all night. Avoid a headache and dress comfortably. It might just be a thing in the United States that dressing to the nines for a rave is acceptable or encouraged, but honestly we often find ourselves asking why? Wearing a simple t-shirt, jeans/shorts, and comfortable sneakers would do the job just fine and will enable your body to go on longer without being uncomfortable.

If it’s cold outside, wear a sweater that you can wrap around your hips. It may sound dorky, but when you’re there to dance and enjoy the music, it can really makes a difference.

Clear Plugs In Ear_0002

7. Protect your hearing!

Ear plugs can be overlooked as a party essential, but in fact, they are amongst the most important. Ever leave an event with your ears ringing or finding yourself having to yell at the person next to you on the dance floor? Those are not good signs.

Ear protection can cost anywhere from $1-$150 depending what you prefer. You can go the cheapest route and get yourself a pair of foam ear plugs for as cheap as $1 — these will block sound but they are often uncomfortable and can provide a muffled hearing experience, all the while keeping you protected. You could stay relatively cheap and get yourself a pair of hi-fidelity ear plugs for $10-25 or go with custom-made ear protection for $100-150. We recommend at least having a pair of hi-fidelity ear plugs with a good attenuation scale, because we believe that spending $10-15 to save your hearing is the best investment you can make as true music aficionado. If you have the chance of getting custom plugs of course do so as it is the ideal solution, but always keep a cheaper pair with you at all times just in case. For a fairly cheap price you can save yourself from tinnitus: the perception of noise or ringing in the ears. Tinnitus isn’t a condition itself — it’s a symptom of what can be an even larger problem such as severe ear injury, circulatory system disorder and ultimately permanent hearing loss.

Prevent tinnitus by wearing earplugs when you’re at a club, festival, or event where there is continuous loud noise. A quick and simple fix that you will thank yourself for!

MTG Crowd

8. Look out for your mates.

I don’t mean to sound like your mom or dad, but really, if you see your friend is struggling or may be in need of help take it upon yourself to try helping them as much and fast as possible. And don’t limit this to people you know, help a stranger in need if you see they are in a situation requiring assistance. Your help could be the difference between life and death.

If you have the capability to lend a hand do so.

Don’t think,or hope someone else will step in and do it for you. The motto is to treat others the same way you would want to be treated: if you were struggling physically or in need of medical help, you would want anyone to assist you in getting the help needed. It’s the golden rule to ensuring we keep the party going longer without any incidents.


9. Sleep or die.

You need sleep just as much as you eat and breathe.

Sure many of you are reading this and saying, “But there are things to help you stay up.”

Yes, but remaining awake for more than 24 hours at a time impairs your brain activity, increases irritability and your chance of being involved in an accident. Our bodies are not designed to stay up for days on end. Sleep deprivation leads to damage of the central nervous system, immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, and cardiovascular system, making it key that you get adequate rests whenever you can in between all the partying you have planned to do.

If you don’t want to sleep for more than eight hours, at least take a nap. Something is better than nothing and your body will surely thank you for it.

Party Responsibly borat

10. Party responsibly.

As much as you want to join your alien friends in a different universe, you still have to keep in mind that super powers do not exist in this world. Consume only what you can and be smart about what you put into your body: food, drinks, substances, and people. Use testing kits, do your research and ensure those you are partying with do the same.

After all, we’re all here to have a good time, and to keep having a good time for years to come.

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